Being vegan – not a cup of ‘green’ tea

From last few decades, humans are trying to get to grips with more sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle which has hatched, cradled and shaped the ideas of reducing carbon footprints, waste management, minimalism, advocating animal rights, etc. In the same league, ethics and morals filter is now applicable to the key ingredients of our diet.

How to be a “Man” ?

The real problem is how people define masculinity. The society thinks that men shouldn’t cry, that men shouldn’t feel. This problem has been prevailing for centuries. When can we finally talk about mental violence and when will a man be free of this sentence of silence?

The Human Ego

The human ego has been known to rattle the insides of fragile human dynamics from the beginning of time. Dynasties have fallen, hearts have been artistically and brutally shattered all the same because a single element of possession man carried; the ego.