10 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

How many times have you felt completely out of the group because of your lack of participation in a
conversation or missed an amazing opportunity in the workplace because you couldn’t present your
ideas in the right way? And what are the chances of meeting just the right person and then losing
him/her because you could never have the courage to express your feelings? This can all be taken care
of in a jiffy if you could master your skills of communication. Let’s go through some incredible ways to
improve your communication skills.

communication skills

  1. Stop avoiding and start engaging.

Be the silly conversations with friends, family gatherings or the important group discussions at the office,
your participation is a must. Exchanging thoughts is the basic to establish and modify relationships.
Remember! The more you share your ideas and opinions the more it helps to build your communication

  1. Make mirror your best friend.

There are certain facts no one can ever deny like if you want to be good at something, you need practice, a lot of practice. Standing in front of a mirror and talking to self may sound laughable but it’s the best way to examine your own sound, tone, expression and behaviour while communicating to others and make amendments if required.


  1. Read Aloud.

Everyone has an urge to sound impressive when they talk but are sure about your ear-pleasing accent? Well, here’s the trick to know this. You just need to let your voice meet your ears when you’re reading.
This way you can focus on your accent and tone while enjoying the pleasure of reading.

  1. Wear confidence just like you wear your perfume.

In order to reach the summit of your communication skills, you have to boost your voice with
confidence. Even if you’re nervous, you can’t let your audience sense that or else you’ll lose their
interest in a blink. Let the sound of your voice convey confidence, not once or twice but every time you
speak and see the world becoming your fan.

  1. Your body speaks too.

We all talk about body language all the time but do we know the influence it holds on others. Along
with your voice, your body needs to reflect the confidence too. Your facial expressions, body
postures, eye movements, and way .of standing as well as walking, everything speaks for you. So
make sure that you’re giving the right message with your physical behaviour.

  1. Understand your listeners.

When it comes to communicating, the thing you need to understand is whom you’re dealing with.
Every word you speak can either be in or against your favour, depends on the person or crowd you’re
conversing with. To achieve your communication goals, it is important to analyze your audience and
know their topic of interest hence, adapting your speech to it.

  1. Listening is also the part of communication.

The ability to communicate skillfully requires both speaking and listening expertise. You can never
be an adept orator unless you learn to be a fine listener. Listening helps to understand your
companion more effectively and create a trustworthy relationship. Mr Dean Rusk once said,

“one of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears- by listening to them”.

  1. Choose to be precise and clear.

It’s a known fact that making a point in a short concise way is easily understood. Nobody pays
attention to unnecessary details. A lengthy oration is nothing but a mood killer to everyone. So to
make your audience well entertained and interested consistently, try to be brief and specific instead
of loading them with irrelevant information.

Communication Skills

  1. Know the language.

When you’re talking to someone it’s always useful to have a strong command on at least one language
your companion is familiar with. Being fluent in the language will always be a plus point for you in
putting your points more impactful and effective in front of your listeners.

  1. Consider everyone your friend.

When we are around our friends, we don’t feel hesitation, awkwardness or any sort of nervousness. We
feel confident which makes us communicate with them freely and so if we’ll consider everyone our
friend, it will put away the uneasiness and discomfort situations around strangers resulting in a better
communication with them.

Try going hand-in-hand with these tips and emerge with an admirable effective communication skill.


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