13 Reasons Why: Heartaches, Mystery, Reprisal and a tinge of Melancholy

For those readers who haven’t watched the popular Netflix series ‘13 reasons why’ yet, it is a 13 episode series based Jay Asher’s acclaimed novel ’13 reasons why’. It’s about a girl Hannah Baker, a high school student who kills herself and leaves 13 tapes to all of those who she thinks had a role in her death. Those audiotapes are an act of revenge and justification of her fatal decision. The story is shown through the eyes of Clay Jensen who had a crush on Hannah but never confessed about his feelings to her.

People and critics around the world, who have watched the show, have different opinions about it. Some think of it as praise-worthy, but most of them think that it is quiet controversial. After watching such a series which hit me so hard, how could I resist myself from writing about it? If you thought this article is about the general overview of the series, then you are wrong.

1. Everyone wished for Hannah to live. I did too.

Although in episode 1, Hannah makes it clear that she is dead, the audience still at the back of their mind wish that she is alive somehow and it breaks their heart when they realize in the last episode that she is dead and she is never gonna come back again. I wonder what would have happened is she had actually lived? In an interview Jay Asher, the author of the novel, revealed that he had never intended for Hannah to actually die. He wanted her to survive and give those around her, a second chance. That would have made things even more difficult for Hannah. While I understand everyone and the author’s reasoning for wanting to have Hannah survive her suicide attempt, I am happy that it didn’t actually happen. Hannah had said every possible thing on those tapes and her survival would have made everything pointless. Suicide is a serious and permanent thing and the show did it justice by treating it as such it is.

2. Tony: The character we have no idea about

Everyone in the story seems to hate tony, or maybe they hate the fact that they were all responsible for Hannah’s death and he wasn’t. We really find it a bit weird when he keeps following clay to see if he is okay and listening to the tapes, until we know the actual reason. Why did Hannah trust tony with the tapes in the first place?  Maybe the fact that he had nothing to do with her death made her pass on her tapes. But the thing to ponder upon is why didn’t he give all those tapes to her parents and save everybody the drama? Are you kidding me? There is nothing to ponder upon. You will be questioning the very existence of the series by doing that. Lol.

3. Parents

Am I the only one who thinks that the parents of all the kids are much too involved than they should have been? Yes, I admit that it was important to show how Hannah’s suicide affected her parents but clay’s parents are a too nosy at times.

4. Clay: the darling-est character

People might not like Hannah baker for what she did but everyone definitely becomes a fan of Clay Jensen after the very first episode. Maybe it’s the innocent face if his or the purity of his love. But what really confuses me is why does he take so much time to go through all the tapes when he could have done it in one night? Maybe he wanted to live all those moments or maybe he loved Hannah so much that he couldn’t imagine himself playing a role in her death or maybe he was afraid that he will finally have to accept the obvious fact that Hannah really was dead and that nothing is gonna change that reality. Who really knows?

5. Who was Skye?

That’s a question I m afraid even I can’t answer for you. Skye’s character is a mystery. We don’t actually know what her role is. What is her connection to clay? Was she his girlfriend? Or is it totally about something else?

6. New season? Not really.

As much as I will love to see the fate of all the characters of the story, I am not in favor of another season to this series. Not only would it feel wrong without Hannah, but I fear that there is not enough left to sustain entire new season. How did Alex die? What happened to Tyler? Where did Justin disappear? Will Bryce be punished? Will Jessica fight for justice?– If they try to give  the answers to these questions then i m afraid that the essence of the show will be lost. What else can drive the action further other than Hannah’s tapes? Some things are better left unexplained.

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  9. Next season Should come , there should be no stopping from Jessica’s side.
    And of course after faling in love with such series who wouldn’t love to see a next one



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