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15 Photos to Inspire you to travel Mussoorie and that too solo!

by Sargam Palod

Mussoorie which is often referred to as the queen of the mountains is situated at the height of 1,880 metres. Surrounded by green hills, amazingly fresh air, cloudy, winter-isque, and cozy feel throughout the year. You know where to go for a solo-introspective weekend this summer…

Mussoorie which is 35 km from Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand, India. This city doesn’t just give you valley feels, it feels like home and that one -hour, tumbling journey is worth the wait. But before you begin, don’t miss out on having a walk around in the Forest Research Institute (FRI) of Dehradun. There are no visiting charges. You just need to have an ID, that’s all. FRI is panoramic, a delight, would interest anyone …(yes, literally anyone) and the air that you breathe in there is simply WOW!


As we travel further, you’ll see DARK GREEN HILLS. The same ones which you see in any movie or as far as your imagination takes you. The name Mussoorie is taken from the word Mansoor which is a shrub indigenous to the area. You may still notice many locals calling the place Mansoori instead of Mussoorie.The day I happen to visit Mussoorie was a bit chilly and a bit cold and a bit windy. Although I’m not a fan of winters, the beauty took me by surprise and still enjoyed most of my stay…

This is Kempty Falls, it is a magnificent waterfall and recreation area set in the lap of a green valley.  A British officer established Kempty Falls in the 1830s as a place for the British Raj to hold tea parties. The waterfall’s name is rumoured to stem from the colloquial name of Camp Tea. You can easily reach the climb through Rope Way.

Next, I headed for something to eat, while you’re on the route of  Mall road to Landour clock tower, you’ll find Cafe Little Llama. Beautiful ambience, date-worthy look from the window and the good food will never let you leave the place.

While you’re on Mall road you can do some local shopping, at the Mall Road, visit Ruskin Bond (yes he stays in Mussoorie) and visits a bookstore, Cambridge Book Depot, on Mall Road every Saturday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. He signs books and obliges for photos from the plethora of fans. A must visit for the book lovers is the Mussoorie Library which was established in 1843. It’s the oldest literary landmark in India, founded only seventeen years after the town was built.

While I was still strolling, I came across Landour clock tower, nothing fancy though but a 100 metre walk ahead and you’ll get a view like no other. Yes, the one where you can think and introspect with your favourite cup of coffee. Below are the pictures of the Clocktower cafe, a warm and cozy cafe. Simply go to the end of it and take the window seat.

I happen to call this a book nerd’s nook. It’s secluded, at a corner and indeed very comfortable. Some good quotes and the sunshine vibe is all you need in a cafe in a hilly area.

There’s Landour Bakehouse, a European style bakery, Cafe Ivy for stoneage cum contemporary interior and Cafe De Tavern for a proper Dinner/Lunch setting. You’ll have to travel all of these on your feet, cabs will barely take you there unless you take help from the locals. 

At the end of my journey, while walking down the lane I found this beautiful tiled wall with almost every kind of plant arranged in a mosaic. There are a few more places to check out, especially the George Everest point which you can only go through a two-wheeler, it’s a bit of a lofty ride up there,  Company Garden, if you’re fond of flowers and staring at long trees Lal Tibba, Happy Valley which are famous for hiking and trekking.

Well, with good food and good-solo company, Mussoorie is a real good place to be! 

Disclaimer: All the pictures are a property of the author and shouldn’t be used in any circumstances without the author’s permission.

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