The Sketch

The darker hues brought her to life,Charred remains when indecision was rife.She was none he knew,Another pencil stroke on white canvas.Soon but soon the eyes would stare,Far beyond than he’d care.He thought of glimmer and glitter:Anything to bring her closer to the world of men.But then something formed in the corner of her eye, Her soul …

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Introduction and status of cryo-electron microscopy in India

Imagine seeing ribosomes in complex with mRNA, tuberculosis proteins secreting the virulence factors, and so forth. These long unanswered questions are now not only being understood but “seen”. The life and complex machineries associated with it has always perplexed scientists. Cryo-EM or popularly called cryo-electron microscopy now stands as a frontier in structural biology and …

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Are you Alone or are you Lonely?

You can be famous, rich and popular. Essentially, you can have money, fame, power, beauty, social skills, a great personality and you can still be lonely. And that’s because loneliness is part of biology. Hungers tells you to eat. What does loneliness tell you? It’s a sign of feeling rejected. Feeling excluded. Not feeling the social vibe of the group around you. It tells you that you need to connect with other people.