After kiki and ice bucket, here we are with #10yearchallenge.

Your social media must be flooded with a collage of two pictures of people where one picture may be dated around 2009 while the other 2019. Yes, you are right I am talking about the latest hashtag, the #10YearChallenge. I was wondering if people have undergone such drastic changes or is it just the camera lenses which has evolved over the period of these 10 years. Even the actor Rajkumar Rao to and Thalaiva Rajnikanth took part in this social media trend.

Apparently the #10YearChallenge not just inspired people to share their throwback pictures along with their latest pictures but also inspired some equally chuckle-some memes.

In just a few days, the trend provided a lot of scope to the meme industry. From telling us that Nokia phones had the best battery backup to raising the issue of global warming, ten years challenge raised all.

Amongst these laughable memes, there were some pictures by some people which drew our attention towards the social, environmental and humanitarian concerns around us which demand our utmost attention. These pictures were shared by some eminent personalities on social networking sites including the ace Indian batsman Rohit Sharma; the Yemeni researcher and author Nadwa Dawsari; the Pakistani artist, activist, singer and social reformer Muniba Mazari; and Mesut ร–zil, the German professional football.

Every now and then a new fad under the garb of a trend or challenge pops up our social media feed keeping all of us hooked. These challenges have now become like those city’s famous restaurant where everyone wants to hang out. It’s not something new that a challenge became an instant hit overnight. We have witnessed them in past like the KiKi Challenge which came into existence after Drake’s song In My Feelings came into life; or the Mannequin Challenge in which netizens remain like a statue while a camera films them and of course the Ice bucket Challenge in which people dumped a bucket of ice and water over themselves.

It is an easy-breezy cakewalk for our friendly social media to make something viral and how. We have just stepped into 2019 with the #10YearChallenge, there will be A LOT of such trends and challenges which will come to life in next few months or so, whether we look forward to them or not.


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