6 Things I realized in Europe

1. Love and True Greatness

Paris, a city most known for love. You feel uplifted as you walk its streets or go down its waters. Love isn’t necessarily romantic love. Love can be a parent’s love, a sibling’s love, a friend’s love or even a stranger’s love. You don’t notice those a lot and take them for granted, don’t you? Well, I won’t spend any time in making you realize the importance of them. I’m here to talk about my realization as I was walking through Paris.
Its grandeur is unquestionable. The title of fashion capital is completely justified. But what most people don’t see how welcoming and warm it is, despite being one of the biggest metro cities of the world. It seems like a patchwork of villages when you are walking through it. The way Parisians welcome strangers will never fail to amaze me. It’s a perfect combination of being a metro city with people who are humble like villagers. The love they have towards strangers and the warmth they emit is honestly befuddling. This is what I appreciate a lot. If you look at pictures of Paris, you’ll see it as a fashion capital and will see its royalty. True greatness is when one is humble and loving underneath its shiny layers.

2. Perspective


Two pictures, two perspectives:

1. These two were taken in the same minute but the difference between the two is very visible. The droplets of water on the glass are the secondary things in life. The scene behind accounts for the primary things in life. The necessities. You can either give importance to the primary more or the secondary more. The two pictures are two different lives, the left one being one with primary things in focus and the right with the secondary in focus. The latter option sure seems more appealing. Even the second picture looks better, but what you are failing to realize is that the primary is to be concentrated upon more.

     The secondary things, very much like the droplets, will roll off soon and be replaced with something else soon enough. The scene behind will be much more constant. If you hold on to the secondary things, you might roll off along with them and see your life fall apart. Therefore, first take care of the primary things as holding on to them will keep you stable. Once they’re taken care of, you are sure to find some or the other secondary. It’s all on  how you see life and want to live it.

2. These two were taken in the same minute but the difference between the two is very visible. The droplets of water on the glass are the primary things in life. The necessities. The droplets as you see, are in a much smaller proportion as compared to the overall scene behind. This goes on to show how the primary things are not too many and should be tended to before moving on to the secondary things.

     The two pictures are two different lives, the left one being one with secondary things in focus and the right with the primary in focus. The latter seems more appealing, right? That’s because it’s how things should be. The primary things should be taken care of first. Just like the droplets of water roll off, the primary things should be taken care of before they roll off and you lose sight of them. If you don’t take care of them before they roll off, your life will be thrown into a state of chaos.

Context is decisive!! Well, no problem, just roll on (like the droplets 😉)

3. Little Things

This picture is of the breath-taking Rhine falls. I saw a few scenes here which made me realize something of great gravity. I saw a small child giving a chocolate she had, to a crying toddler when she saw him crying. It greatly moved me when I saw someone parting with something of great importance to them just because it could make someone else happy. A selfless act. The only purpose: being happy by seeing the other happy, and that’s beautiful. We often don’t realize how certain things which we do affect the other person. Those two kids didn’t know how seeing them changed a piece of me. The little things in life matter.

The little things of life.

They’re called so because they are indeed little. They probably won’t leave a lasting impact on you, although they might, but they still hold significance. They give you happiness. I’m only taking about the positive ones here… Things like hugging a close one, getting a compliment, getting smiled at by strangers, a good grade in your exam, enjoying one’s favorite ice-cream and many others. These give such immense joy to one and while might not hold importance in the long run, they have the power to make someone’s day. A little extra attention to someone a little extra special. A little extra effort to get something done. A little more enthusiasm. A little more. Most people don’t realize the power of this ‘little’. Once you realize that, you’ll open doors to roads you never realized existed. Go on, give it a try.

4. To be Someone’s Swing

This is a swing I encountered in Florence. I was very mesmerized by the aesthetic element it provided. After I swung on it for a few minutes, I sat on the grass simply staring at it and I realized how important it was in one’s life and how much I would like to replicate what it provided to people all over.

Many people love to swing irrespective of their ages. It reminds us of the cradle. The cradle which made us feel safe and secure. The cradle which stopped our crying. The cradle which was our protection from the world outside. The swing protects us from the bullets fired by the people whose mouths are guns. But this is all about the swing. It becomes more real when you’re able to provide that for a person. People say that they want someone to be their backbone. Well, I want to be someone’s swing. I want to be the swing which gives them unexplainable happiness. The swing which they turn to when they’re feeling low, because they know that when they’re with the swing, everything’s possible.

5. The Light Inside

This is a photo from the Swarovski headquartersIt’s a crystal with light trapped inside of it. The light inside of it is not falling on anything else, it’s locked inside. This is what happens with some humans too. You will come across a handful of humans who have a special light inside of them but you’ll  probably not be lucky enough to experience any of them. The only way the light falls on you, is when you stand next to the crystal. Similarly, the people close to such people are lucky enough to bathe in their light. This is unfortunate. The people who have such a light trapped inside of them should open a little and let others get fortunate enough to experience that kind of light. I think that’s what the good motivational speakers are. They opened, so that people like us could bathe in their light. I want each one of you to go to the people you think have a similar light and tell them to open and spread light. When we support each other, and try to bring out the best in each other, only then can we grow as a community.

6. A million stories

Look at your own life. The experiences you’ve had, the situations you’ve fallen into, the people you’ve met and the values you’ve caught. These things sum up to be your story, they’re the things which make you. Now, look around you, go to the window and look out. All the people that you see, each of them has a story as unique as you do. All of them have a billion moments which have formed them. When you look at life, you never see it as life itself. There’s always an ‘I’ that comes in. When you realize that, that’s not what life in its true sense is, only then will you see life for what it is. And I’m not telling you to go out there and hear everyone’s personal story. If you hear even one person, let them say what their story is, love him/her despite what they say, you’ll have come far. And never force that person to tell all their story at once, have patience and the person will slowly let you in.

Last but not the least, live out the rest of the person’s story with them. Let them be the light which guides you home and let them be the home as well. And if you can, just try and do the same for them.

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