6 Times People Celebrated Father’s Day In a Different Way

We are almost towards the end of Father’s Day’18. The day brings with itself, the joy of being and having a father. This day celebrates the honour of fatherhood and parental bonds. conventionally, this day is celebrated by giving more respect to father and fatherly figures of the house. This year somehow has seen things in a different way. We collected 6 tales that told a different kind of story.

From The Border:

Army children give out their wishes, not only for that day but every day. They keep the faith that their fathers are with them, taking care of them while the father is on the border protecting the whole nation from the dangers to come. Tears rolled up in the eyes when an army kid said:

From The Father:

He lost his son and his fatherhood a few years back. He still receives wishes from him, hoping that his soul is at peace. 

Not On Father’s Day:

The Girl intended not to wish her father on the day itself, but on the day she finally got a job and stood up on her own. Her wishes brought an enormous amount of joy to her father, more than any other gift on the Father’s day would have. 

The Best Surprise:

Living independently has now become a trend. But this daughter made a surprise visit to her single father. After all, a date with Dad is the best date altogether. 

Superhero Day!

For a 5-year old, her dad is everything to her. Be it a guide, a teacher, a brother, a protector. How wrong can it be to call this day “Superhero Day” and not Father’s day. 

For All The Fathers:

Her deed made her wish most of the fathers around her. Her wishes were carried forward in every house that purchased a cake that day.


Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Father’s day is tradition. Father wants most is to have a day free from any pressure. Even the pressure of having a perfect day. Fathers day is celebrated on different days of March or May worldwide, most countries have third Sunday in June. More than 70 countries a day celebrate and honor fathers and fatherhood.



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