7 jobs that do not exist anymore

What springs to mind when you hear the word “computer”? Naturally, a typical work desktop or our personal laptops but never a person. Well, what do you know! Turns out it was a job designated usually to young women before the ‘Real’ computer came into the picture. Guess what they did? Compute: a tad ironic, right? Computers were people whose job was to perform calculations and computations until the silicon revolution made their jobs non-existent. Let’s take a look at some more jobs that don’t exist anymore due to redundancy, technological innovation and/or lack of demand.

Elevator Operator

Yep, that’s right. Elevators weren’t as simple as the push of a button when they were first introduced. There was a person whose only job was to get his passengers to new heights, literally speaking.

Elevator Operator (Credits: indiegogo/the-clanmore))


You can’t snooze these! Before the invention of the accursed alarm clock, these gentlemen were specifically employed to wake you up so that you are on time for work.

Knocker upper (credits: chaostrophic)


Nowadays it’s commonplace to see 8-year-olds typing along on keyboards and smartphones. Hard to believe this used to be a paid profession once, much less a coveted one.

Typist (Credits: pinterest)

Video rental retailer

90’s kids will remember this one. Before the good old days of Youtube and Netflix, folks used to rent movies and DVDs. Guess another livelihood was washed out by the internet.

video rental (Credits: Gothamist)

Switchboard operators

Want to make a call to the other side of the world? Simply punch in the numbers and say “Hello!”. It wasn’t so easy in the 1960’s when manual switchboards were used for communication where a switchboard operator patched you through at a pre-booked time for long-distance calls. Good thing this went away.

Switchboard operator (Credits: Fine arts America)

Icemen/ice cutters

Remember the ice workers at the start of Frozen? Yep, that was a real job. Before refrigeration was invented, food was stored using dug up ice.

Ice Cutters (Credits: Pinterest)

Office machine operators

I’ll admit, this is a tricky one to copy (get it!?). Most office workers were required to take printouts or photocopies at some point but can you believe there was someone whose only job was to operate the machines that did this.

(Credits: 24/7 wallstreet)

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