Anyways: It’s not just a word, it’s a theory

Partner 1: Would you mind spending vacation out with me? It’s next weekend. We’ll have fun. All our mutual friends will be there. It will be a hell lot more than we’ve expected. Water rides, cosmic pools, rafts, adrenaline boom. Please come.

Partner 2: Uhmm. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have to travel next weekend. But you guys carry on. Have fun.

Partner 1: It’s always like this. We plan. But somehow doesn’t work out. And then, We end up fighting to not have a vacation together. Anyways, you have a safe journey.
‘Anyways’, a small word that makes all of us if in this situation go through a mind-heart jitter. It makes us think our position, our condition of life while just trying to understand what this “Anyways” might signify. It makes us question our understanding of the relationship. Our priorities. Our concerns. As if what made him/her say “Anyways”…eventually might mean, “let it be the way it is”.End a conversation with an ‘Anyways’, the other conversationalist will beat their head as on what’s that I couldn’t understand? What was he/she trying to say? Pissed…

Partner 2: Hey, let’s plan for the 2 of us some other time. Probably when we both are free. How about your birthday? It’s 15th, this month.

Partner 1: How’d we manage our expenses with two good vacays in a month? Let’s reconsider the plan. I, anyway, didn’t wanna go on this first trip. These friends of ours, keep pushing. 

This second ‘Anyways’ is brutal. Will bruise the Partner 2 a big time; as it’s mind would go through a roller coaster ride which suffers derogation, grief, sorrow because Partner 2 would have probably started feeling all he/she said while in this conversation was a big mistake by interiorizing it’s partner’s preferences. This might end their relationship if this “Anyways” isn’t answered real soon. If this “Anyways” keep sabotaging their plans. If this “Anyways” will never ever have a solution to look forward to. Alas, Partner 2 would change priorities.

Think. Give your “Anyways” a problem statement, and lead it to a solution.

Aditi Vyas

Pen name: aditi_advitiya

Working as a Senior System’s engineer, ETL developer, Data and Analytics domain at Infosys Ltd. Ex Personality Development mentor at PCE, Jaipur. If you’re thinking of all the cool data analysing, reporting stuff, it’s my piece of cake.


1 thought on “Anyways: It’s not just a word, it’s a theory

  1. This is what everyone can link to their lives. We, one way or other may sometime use such phrases which lead to open ended discussions but with a bitter flavour and these can erupt someday and spoil relationships.



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