Ask Nous is a dedicated space to ask for relationship, career or why doesn’t coffee start with a “k”? Kinda query. If you need any help, but value your privacy, then we’re here to hear you!

Though Nous (a Greek word) may sound a bit typical and geeky as it means common sense or practical intelligence, let’s admit it, we all need some good “practical” advice when our mind won’t stop listening to We don’t talk anymore! 

Say, you’ve got a question, which you are skeptical to ask your friends or you feel like “the need to talk” to someone but hush-hush it’s a secret…well, we’re here to talk to you and give a genuine piece of advice and you can either ask him or ask her (yes we’ve got both- ADAM and EVE’s point of view under one roof).

And the best part is your Identity will never be revealed! Anonymous is the new cool.

 Ask Him because he’s reliable, loyal, sensible, understanding and practical. Ask Her because she’s adaptive, intellectual, open-minded and observant.

Disclaimer: Once you’ve submitted your question, it will become a property of Afflatus! We will review it, use it in posts to help other readers who are going through the same problems and we promise you that your identity will never be revealed.