My name is Khan and I have Asperger’s

So are you a big fan of the king of the romance? Do you find your belly tickling whenever our Rahul is on the screen? Among various genres of the movies, there is a constant surprise on the screen on the imitation of various diseases. From getting a bald head in cancer to our great Shahrukh Khan in MY NAME IS KHAN, let’s just find out what scenes indicate about his condition.

Shahrukh Khan in “My Name is Khan” is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. Many famous personalities are facing the rational indifference of Asperger. This syndrome is named after Hans Asperger, an Austrian psychiatrist, and pediatrician. He gave the term “little professors” to all the children suffering from this disease.

To put it simply, this disease is basically caused by the wrong connections made in the brain. In the process, development of thoughts and cognition is disturbed leading to certain outcomes. And one of the outcomes is an asset.


Did you notice everytime somebody looks into the eyes of the ultimate Khan, he avoids eye to eye contact? “Teri kaali akhiyo se jind meri jaage” is not really for our Khan because all he is doing in this movie is akhein churana.

This lists our first symptom of Social anxiety.
In this, the person hesitates to make a social effort and is really bad at communication. Every time a human invades his world, goosebumps is a sure thing.


Intercept 1 – In the very start of the movie, the intelligence of Rizwan is proven. Water accumulates in the house of our very loved Master Wadia and any guesses who is going to fix it? Of course, Our Khan from the epiglottis.

Intercept 2 – Just after the water flooding the house scene, a line ( a big one) is made outside of the house of Riz of people to get their gadgets repaired.

Intercept 3 – Further, in the movie, Rizwan and the kid wins a Panda out of a game consisting of naming the maximum number of animals from the puzzle. And trust me I still can’t spell Orangutan.

This lists our second symptom of High IQ. The prestige this disease carries with it.


In each molecule that is shot, surely we have found ourselves repeating words in order to imitate Rizwan.

This makes our third symptom. Constant repetition of words and highly absorbent behavior towards specific things.
Our pappu in this one can’t cry. He seems to have difficulty in understanding the feelings or emotions that people go through.
And this surely makes our last symptom. Lack of empathy and having an intellectual approach.

If you find whispering any of these symptoms to yourself, trust me you are fine. Because bade bade desho mein esi choti choti baatein to hoti rehti hai, right?



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