Big Brother is watching you at IIT Guwahati

The thought police have activated itself at IIT Guwahati to curb independent thinking and individuality. The step is taken under the garb of guidelines and code of conduct in order to take care of the reputation of the institution.

Institutions are supposed to be a place of free thinking and opinions. Students must ask questions independently and must be responsible enough to respect people’s emotions. Students become responsible for their actions when they are independent not dependent on guidelines. Students and teachers must be given enough freedom to raise their voice against any wrong happening around. However, the administration in IIT Guwahati has decided to monitor the activities of students, faculty, and staff.

The scope of the work given in the guidelines are nothing but Orwellian and should be read with great care in order to understand the brewing authoritarian mindset of the authorities.

Social Media Guidelines

Also, read the email of the authorities sent to students who took part in a candle march in support of Dr. Brijesh Rai, who is fighting the corruption of the administration.

Email of IIT Guwahati authorities to the students

The authorities want to know the name of the students who took part in a peaceful candle march. It is not rocket science to know what the authorities would do after they know who took part in the march.

This is an unfortunate situation where people in power are behaving as if they can do anything and they can get away with it.

I wish more courage and power to the students and the faculty fighting the corruption at IIT Guwahati.

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Mritunjay Sharma
Mritunjay Sharma
Mritunjay Sharma finished his B.Sc (H) from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University in Chemistry. After that he went to England to study Masters in Polymer Material Science and Engineering from University of Manchester and consequently finished his PhD in Nuclear and Materials Chemistry from University of Manchester

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