Bizarre bans around the world

In order to control energy and intentions, often authorities tend to categorize things into legal and illegal with which comes the act of banning. To talk about India, one of the major famous ban is on watching TV during the examination. This type of ban will surely make it to the list of weird bans but this is one example, here are some others which are absurd…

1. Frowning, in Milan, ITALYban on frowning

The Italian metropolis has imposed a ban on frowning. People have to smile except in the situation of funerals or hospital visits. This city has taken “Khush raho, abad raho” literally to the heart. You won’t have to waste 3 secs to smile before a picture because that is what you will be doing all day.
Khush raho,abad raho – stay happy and live a prosperous life.

2. Dying, in Falciano del Massico, Italy

“Don’t die here, we don’t have a place for you to fit in” might be a good reason for this ban. Apparently, this place doesn’t have a cemetery. So if you are in this village and nearly ready to wave goodbye, first leave this place!
ban on dyingThere are some other places in the world with the same notion:
– Lanjaron, Spain
– Biritiba Mirim, Brazil
– Longyearbyen, Norway
– Sarpourenx, France
– Cugnaux, France
– Sellia, Italy
(The reason for this ban in this place is a bit different. It has a strength of 537 residents and dying might dissolve this town as most of them are above 65.)

3. Ketchup, in Franceban on ketchup

All Indians can really understand the grievous sadness in this ban. Isn’t it? We have made Ketchup almost a staple food to have, making every dish taste the same. And that’s exactly the same reason why French government put a ban on ketchup, that is to preserve traditional taste. But here’s the catch, the ban doesn’t work if you order French fries.

ban on The colour Yellow4. The colour Yellow, in Malaysia

“What!? Doesn’t Malaysia has a large amount of it naturally, already? Isn’t yellow a happy color? McDonald’s, say something!”
Every piece of clothing having color yellow is banned as it is considered as “the color of protestors” by the Malaysian government.

5. McDonald’s, in Boliviaban on McDonald's

Oh, that’s why you didn’t say anything on the previously mentioned ban. Poor you 🙁
To ban McDonald’s was a decision made by people of Bolivia and not by the government. Their aim was to preserve traditional food by banning fast food.

ban on Blue jeans6. Blue jeans, in North Korea

In a world where living without jeans is almost impossible, people in North Korea deserve a salute.
This ban was imposed as according to the government denim symbolize the United States of America, their enemy. Not only this but North Korea is surely a bizarre place, as it has banned watching TV, sarcasm, calling it North Korea, driving, travelling abroad etc.

7. Clarie Danes, in Manila, Philippines

Clarie Danes is a very famous actress, appearing in Homeland, Terminator 3, My so called life, The ban on Clarie Danesrainmaker, Little women, Brokedown Palace. During the promotion of film “Brokedown Palace”, Clarie Danes kept giving the interview about her view of Manila which turned out to be inappropriate for the government. As a result, a ban was imposed on her and her films.

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