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Breeze is a themed cultural-technical-sports fest.

In the beginning, college fests had no themes, those were the dark ages, the only way to distinguish between successive editions other than the last two digits signifying the annual nature of these things, whole events and arenas and performances were repeated, year after year. The identity of a fest only a vague concept in the student’s mind. Then there was a ray of light, the birth of a theme. Initially just a tool for logo design and affecting the design of posters and brochures it soon evolved to embody every aspect of a
fest. From decor to marketing, content to sponsorship, Public relations to the very events themselves, all under one theme. The era of the themed fests had begun.

But as with all good things that come to an end, this too began to turn rot. Themes were churned out, franchises milked and creativity lost. Events and design lost all connection to the theme and once again fests lost their identity to the two numbers on the left of their name. In these dark ages, a few stubborn souls went back to the drawing board and brainstormed. They racked their brains until they came up with a solution, for a long time it seemed to no avail, but then a miracle happened, a theme to change
everything. Break the internet. The theme that encompasses everything. The theme that makes sense. Giving both directions in design and direction in event Ideas. A fresh theme that can literally be implemented by every single person on the campus and everywhere beyond the campus. So start typing, start posting, start tweeting, start sharing. Break the internet.
To experience the internet in all its glory, drop by Shiv Nadar University between the 8th and 10th of February 2019 for Breeze’19. Register now at!


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