Can the Congress return to power in Lok Sabha Elections?

Lok Sabha elections are coming and everyone is all set to see what will happen. Perhaps unlike many other countries, elections are no less than a festive season in India.

Indian National Congress recently declared Priyanka Gandhi as the general secretary for the eastern Uttar Pradesh during the elections. Oh! Seems like Sonia Gandhi is all set with her last play card.

Mamta Banerjee, the present Chief Minister of Bengal also had an anti-modi ralley in Calcutta just a few days before. Leaders from various political parties joined.

The opposition is all set, if not to win to make sure that Modi doesn’t win. It will be interesting to see who will come to power and who will be the next prime minister of the nation. Will Modi be able to form the government again? Or will the Congress return to power?

Congress badly lost elections in 2014. It won only 44 seats in the Lok Sabha out of 545 in total. However, Bhartiya Janta Party won 282 seats.

Keeping in mind, the five years of the BJP government, it can be argued that it is difficult even for the BJP to come to power with a full majority. Various major steps of the government were strongly criticised, whether they were good or bad is altogether a different discussion. Demonetisation and the introduction of Goods and Services Tax can become the hook to the BJP’s defeat. The controversy regarding the Rafale deal also gained momentum in the recent times (even the parliament went crazy, remember the paper plane that a member flew?). This might also become a reason for people to lose trust.

Apart from this, increasing cases of lynching, continuous tension on Kashmir border, and ban on beef and Shabirimala conflict: with this all, it can be argues that people have lost a bit of faith and trust in the government. Also, as far as the common man is concerned, demonetisation in itself becomes big enough a reason for not voting BJP. Hence it becomes really very difficult to say that BJP can come to power next year with full majority.

If not BJP, then who?

This shifts the focus to Congress who has been a very active opposition throughout. From Rafale deal to economic and foreign policies, Congress made sure not to forget any petty affair which can be negatively used upon BJP.

If the Congress somehow built trust among people that they will be equally active in their government as they are in opposition, people might give them a chance to return to power. But arguing that Congress will return to power with full majority, will be a lie. The wind of ‘Modi Ji’ is not weak enough to allow Congress to win next year elections with full majority and also the majority of Hindus are supporting BJP (they are expecting Ram Temple to be built) which becomes another hindrance for the Congress to come to power.

Undoubtedly, the entry of Priyanka Gandhi may help since a lot many people relate her to her late grandmother Indira Gandhi. Priyanka may win seats in the eastern UP which will benefit congress. However, this benefit may not be enough for congress to come to power with full majority. Congress may return to power only if it forms a coalition government with any of the other political party.

One should also not forget that all of these are mere speculations and the final outcome may be different or drastically different. After all, that’s how the game of politics is.


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