Mumbai 26/11: The Fallout

Not much has changed after 26/11/2008. Not much they say. The once busy tourist attraction Gateway of India now seems like a castle always surrounded by guards. No car or person is allowed to enter the hotel premises without scanning for bombs or any weapon.

Religion and Blind faith

Before realizing our religion as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christians, we fail to realize that we are humans first. “Blind faith” is the norm for anyone who follows a “religion”. There are people who grow up within a religion and rarely question it but just go through the motions.

When Trump said “I Swear”

Now that the initial shock of Donald Trump being elected as the 45th president of the United States of America has worn off and the truth of the situation has sunk in that he is here to stay for the next quadrennial, let’s see the highlights in terms of different shades of circumspection – what his inaugural speech holds for the country itself and the rest of the world!