A Gatsbyian Gala: Then and Now

For better or worse, it has become the reality, as is in The Great Gatsby’s setting, that values and practices considered the epitome of societal niceties are becoming somewhat of a smidgen too much salt in the vast ocean of personal pleasure.

The art of Graffiti

He/she is not bound by the sgraffito nor the length of the easel. The limit is vast as the walls can stretch and be it the expression of his much-favoured anime or just a gusto of spray-paint, the expression remains unperturbed and the message conveyed without malice.


Twenty one pilots was named with respect to a play named “All my sons” by Arthur Miller in which a man has to choose between sending faulty aeroplane parts to make money for his family or deny to do so. The play ends with casualties of 21 pilots as the main character decides to sell the faulty parts.