Pornography: Crime or Necessary evil?

All tissue jokes and sly innuendos aside, it cannot be denied that pornography is part and parcel of the internet era and is very much a factor in the lives of many. Sources have estimated that about 12% of all content on the internet is pornographic.

Most to least hardworking Zodiac Signs

Suppose there is a presentation to be made for a client. Boss’ assistant announced that whoever completes the preparation for the meeting, will get to present the proposal at the meeting. In the race of promotion, everyone started working. We can spot the zodiac doing the following:

Udaipur-unveiling the white pearl of Rajasthan

UDAIPUR, also known as The Venice of East, the Kashmir of Rajasthan and what not. One of the smart cities of India and a spot for major tourist attraction unfolds its beauty at a whole new level in monsoon. The picturesque locations will not only pat your soul but also make your Instagram splendiferous which explains why it is the most sought after place for destination weddings and pre-wedding photo shoots.

Religion and Blind faith

Before realizing our religion as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christians, we fail to realize that we are humans first. “Blind faith” is the norm for anyone who follows a “religion”. There are people who grow up within a religion and rarely question it but just go through the motions.