Relation with God.

He is the whole universe settled in your body. There are stars, planets, moons, The Sun, all inside you. There is a lot of energy, the energy that created this universe and has the power to destroy it. Trust this energy, it won’t lie.

The Joy of Giving

We love people. We care for them. We go the extra mile even for the ones we know won’t turn back to us. Why? Are we selfless? No. We are selfish. We only think of our happiness. Giving gives us happiness.

Let go!

Why can’t we let go? Because we care and love them enough. Or, maybe because love itself means a lot to us. Because we fear to be left alone? We are so afraid that we cling on to every inch of that person or the memory. We again want to show all our love just when the boat is about to sail and leave the shore. They take a piece of us in them. We feel half, sometimes EMPTY.

Pace With Your Scars

You have to be at flow with your faults. Accept them and know this: you cannot undo, but you can redo. Time is the best healer. In time, the minute-arm will stop making you count. And it is by this time, that all you ever lost will come back to you.