Are you ready to #pressforprogress?

This international women’s day, our team implied the idea of promoting this year’s theme #pressforprogress and we women voiced our thoughts through this article. We couldn’t think of a better occasion than today to tell you guys about it!

Pornography: Crime or Necessary evil?

All tissue jokes and sly innuendos aside, it cannot be denied that pornography is part and parcel of the internet era and is very much a factor in the lives of many. Sources have estimated that about 12% of all content on the internet is pornographic.

The Kashmiri Pandit Exodus

But 27 years ago, something terrible happened in this country, Only a few people (500000) were thrown out of their homes, only a few (1000) were brutally killed,only a few women were raped,only a few mothers lost their sons,only a few sisters lost their brothers,only a few sons lost their fathers, ONLY A FEW as many political leaders have told us because we were not a Vote bank.