Are you Alone or are you Lonely?

You can be famous, rich and popular. Essentially, you can have money, fame, power, beauty, social skills, a great personality and you can still be lonely. And that’s because loneliness is part of biology. Hungers tells you to eat. What does loneliness tell you? It’s a sign of feeling rejected. Feeling excluded. Not feeling the social vibe of the group around you. It tells you that you need to connect with other people.

Science Communication: My toolbox to spurn false propaganda and inspire rationalism in India

It was a chilling winter morning of October 2014, a month after I went to do research in the UK as a gold-medallist from a top government institute in Mumbai under the Department of Atomic Energy , that I was embarrassingly welcomed by my labmates with great laughter. I was clueless that as a scientist …

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