The Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoins are definitely a paradigm shift in terms of how transactions, trading, economics and finance are perceived and any disturbances in the bitcoin pool will definitely send ripples across all facets of globalized society.

Padmavati – Real or Rumour ?

Have you ever been in a situation where the existence of your city’s famous queen has been denied by the history, all of a sudden?
The question is, if Padmini, the queen that has volumes written over her beauty, really lived ever now lies in our wisdom and understanding of history.

ALIS VOLAT PROPRIIS: She flies with her own wings!

A woman is the reason that we have men, she is the reason for our existence, she is the bud to every flower. A women should no longer remain synonymous of delicacy and feebleness, for this shows their inability to stand tall and walk with their heads held high. It’s high time her prestige is restored to the same pedestal where it belongs.

5 Scrumptious snacks to try this Monsoon

Monsoon – the season for travelers, for romance, to explore and get amazed by nature’s flawless beauty but, this is not all, monsoon holds some lip-smacking treats for foodies too. So this time when ‘tip tip barsa pani’ ignites the craving for FOOD, go for these regional monsoon delicacies.

The Kashmiri Pandit Exodus

But 27 years ago, something terrible happened in this country, Only a few people (500000) were thrown out of their homes, only a few (1000) were brutally killed,only a few women were raped,only a few mothers lost their sons,only a few sisters lost their brothers,only a few sons lost their fathers, ONLY A FEW as many political leaders have told us because we were not a Vote bank.