The city of masks

How many humans do you see daily? Hundreds, right?

How many thoughts do you have daily? Thousands, right?

Have you ever realized that each person you see also has thousands of thoughts in their mind everyday. Each person you see might have an unimaginable depth to it so, try thinking about that.

Masks. Almost all of us wear them. A different one for each occasion. A friendly mask for a friend, a sincere one for your boss/teacher, a lover’s mask for your significant other. These masks are not wrong unless they’re used for a wrong purpose. You behave differently with your friend as opposed to your parents because you have a different relationship with each. It isn’t like you aim to deceive either of them.

Venice the city of Masks

Location: Venice, Italy

There’s a reason why the city of Venice is referred to as the city of masks because the mask in Venice is the symbol of freedom and transgression of all social rules. Venice has a festival named ‘Great Illusion of Carnival’, even the carnival is an illusion according to them. Personal identity, gender, social class don’t exist when one wears a mask.

There are two kinds of masks. The positive and the negative. The positive one is used for simple theatrics as mentioned before and the negative one is the one behind which you hide your true face with intentions to deceive. The occasion dictates the mask to be worn. The Venetian culture of Masks developed both potentialities of the concept of mask, the artistic and the exploitable ones. Walking among the calli and campielli the eye often falls on the windows of the numerous shops which produce and sell masks: masks as a souvenir of a trip, as an object to hang on a wall, to use as a paper stopper or just as a small brooch or hair clip.

A walk in Venice can act as an eye-opener on many levels. The wide range of lifestyles is befuddling. Venice is also often dubbed as the city of love due to its romantic canals and the gondola rides taken by lovers. A scene like this is pleasing to the eyes and often uplifts a person’s spirits.

Venice presents itself as the sum of appearances without substance because the substance has been missing right from the origins of this amphibious city, uncertain between water and land, between East and West.

Venice itself is a mask with no face behind.


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