COESHA – A healthcare startup.

COESHA is a healthcare startup that is founded by an IIT Chennai graduate – Anup Kumar Bala and a 4th-year IISER Pune BS-MS student – Vikash Kumar. Although over the years we read a lot about IIT students getting into startups it is also very refreshing to see a science graduate embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. Let’s read about the vision and the services of this new and exciting startup.

We at COESHA initiative by FUNDAMENTAL BIOS are a team with a vision to work with healthcare experts and the industry to provide a healthier tomorrow. With the help of our online platform for convenient and affordable healthcare services, we aim to create a healthier world through our on-demand health services and healthcare experts that are accessible, affordable and of the highest quality. We are also trying to implement this integrated healthcare system for our loyal and beloved pets, livestock and other animals with access to trained veterinarians, pet clinics, animal hospitals, diagnostics and blood banks.


  • Appointment, booking, scheduling of Doctors, Dentists, Dieticians, Medical Councilors Psychologists, for both intercity and intracity on PAN India Platform.
  • Appointment, booking and scheduling of Physiotherapists, Pathologists for both Incall and Outcall services.
  • Appointment, booking and scheduling of Nurses, Nannies/ Confinement Nannies for house patients, Elder Care, Postnatal care for House Support for Patients/Patient families.
  • Availability, checking, booking of Diagnostic centers, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, ICU’s and Specialty Hospitals and Clinics
  • Availability and booking of Ambulance Services on Emergency.
  • Delivery of Medicines and Medical Equipment @ NO COST DELIVERY SERVICE 24×7, 365 Days
  • Availability of Blood Banks and Donors upon requirement and emergency.
  • Transplant Services for Recipients and Donors of Various Organs with PAN India connectivity and updates. (e.g.: eye, kidney, bone marrow etc.)
  • Arrangement, aggregation & assistance of Medical Financial Sectors for Medical Loans & Insurances.
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management Services for Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Clinics
  • VETERINARY SERVICES of Pets/ livestock/ Animals (Doctors availability, appointment & scheduling).
  • Availability, Comparison & Ordering of Products for Pets/ Livestock/Animals
  • Availability, booking & scheduling of Pets Clinics, Animal Hospitals, Foster Homes & Shelters.
  • Queries, Supplies & arrangements Of Animal Blood Banks .
  • Queries and availability of Animal Ambulances.
  • Queries and aggregation of Medical Insurances for Pets & Livestock.

We here at COESHA aiming to provide love for your loved ones.let’s work together towards a better and healthier tomorrow.


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