Every connection you need to know before watching Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity war is due for 27th April and none of us can wait. We have been here for 10 years waiting for this one movie. 18 movies through these years, all leading up to this one big moment. The story can get blurry and the connections lost. Here’s a small recap of all of the movies in chronological order and how they all relate to each other, especially the Avengers: infinity war. The story started with iron man being recruited for the avengers in 2008, and now the Avengers will face their biggest challenge, Thanos.

Who is Thanos?

Thanos is a mad Titan who was first seen in the credit scene of Avengers. Since then, he has come in Guardians of the Galaxy and also a couple more credit scenes. His appearances have been short and we don’t really know who he is. Why does he want to pick a fight with the Avengers?

What we do know is he wants the infinity gems so that he can acquire ultimate power.

In the comics, Thanos collects the stones to impress Death, who he is obsessed with. Death is a lady and Thanos looks for her love. That bit might or might not play out in this movie.

Who all are on team Thanos?

Thanos has his own large extraterrestrial army, but he also has his own super-group with the name: Black order. We have seen four of them in the trailer, and there are rumors that Loki might join this group.

What are the infinity stones?

Before the universe began, there were six singularities, and when the universe came into those six singularities became six infinity stones. These give unlimited power to their wearers and Thanos is out to get them all, so that he can rule over the cosmos. The six stones are: Space, Reality, Power, Mind, Time and Soul.

The Space gem was first seen in Captain America: First Avenger. This is a blue gem, encased inside a cube. It has the power of transporting one anywhere in space. It was seen in avengers as well, and was finally on Asgard, where Loki stole it and gave it to Thanos. We see in the trailer that he is wearing it on his glove, along with another which we’ll get to.

Reality gem was first seen in Thor: The dark world. It is the only infinity gem which is in liquid form. When backed by the power of the other Gems, the Reality Gem allows the user to fulfill their wishes, even if the wish is in direct contradiction with scientific laws. At the end of the movie, it was given to the collector, but after a small mishap in Guardians of the Galaxy, we don’t know if he still has it. It is red in color.

Power gem was seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a purple colored stone which enhances the physical strength of the bearer. It also acts as a boost to the other stones. It was given to the Nova Corps but we see in the trailer that Thanos has the gem on his gloves.

Mind gem was in Loki’s scepter and made its official appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It is now on Vision’s forehead. It enhances the mental abilities to access the thoughts and dreams of other beings. It is yellow in colour.

The time gem is a green colored stone encased in a necklace. It gives the bearer the power to reverse the flow of time and create time loops. It is with Dr.Strange.

The soul gem hasn’t made an appearance yet, but people saw that it is with Heimdall. It gives the bearer, the power to look into all souls and control them, and also resurrect the deceased. It’s orange in colour.

Splitting up of Avengers

The end of Civil War showed us how the Avengers had all been separated. Captain America gave up his Shield and identity and went on the run with Bucky, his best friend. They were seen in Wakanda with Black Panther. In the trailer, we see Captain America getting a new Shield. Meanwhile, Iron man is still working with War machine, VisIon and Spider-man. The Avengers have to sort things out if they want to battle this threat.

The Guardians

This battle against Thanos is far more personal for Peter Quill’s team than it is for anyone else. They have seen a glimpse of how Thanos can be, and one of their team members, Gamora, is actually the adopted daughter of Thanos. Drax the destroyer had his family slain on the orders of Thanos. This is where the Guardians and the Avengers will meet at long last.

The First meeting

In the credit scene of Thor:Ragnarok, the Asgardians were dwarfed by a ship. Producer Kevin Fiege confirmed that the huge vessel was Thanos’ Flagship, The sanctuary II.

The Battleground

The battle will most likely be fought in Wakanda, Black Panther’s Homeland. The directors have confirmed that the mind stone will end up in Wakanda, with or without vision is another worry. The quest for the stones will lead Thanos to Wakanda.

The Missing Players

Hawkeye and Ant Man aren’t seen in the trailer or the official poster. The directors have confirmed that Hawkeye is around, but on a slightly different journey. And Ant Man might be in the trailer but in size small. Ant is definitely in the movie as Paul Rudd is mentioned in the cast list.

Let’s gear up for history’s biggest super hero movie.

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