Deepak Misra’s retirement: Here are the major judgments delivered under him

I think it’s needless to explain the crucial role Chief Justice plays. It is Deepak Misra’s retirement today and Rajan Gogoi is all set to take over.

Since August 2017, Supreme Court has been very active and delivered major judgments. Even when the other judges of the Supreme Court organised a press conference against CJI Misra, he remained calm. From banning the Instant triple talaq to allowing women in Sabarimala temple, Deepak Misra as the Chief Justice of India announced certain really appreciable verdicts in his tenure.

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Here’s a tribute to CJI Misra on his retirement, a list of his major verdicts:

Talaq, Talaq, Talaq

Supreme Court declared the practice of saying ‘talaq or divorce’ thrice in one go, as unconstitutional and ‘not part of Islam’. The verdict added that the practice violates women’s right to equality.

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Legalises Passive Euthanasia

Passive euthanasia is the practice of withdrawing medical support from a dying patient and who had no sign of recovery. Supreme Court legalised it and said, not just life but the quality of life is also significant. However, active euthanasia is not legalized in India.

Lynching – a separate offence

With an increase in the number of lynching cases in the country, the Supreme Court asked the government to make lynching a separate offence. It stated that the rise in lynching cases show how intolerance the people of the nation are becoming.

Fake WhatsApp messages cannot be an excuse.

Right to Privacy

In August 2017, Supreme Court added the Right to Privacy in our fundamental rights. It is protected under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

Next time, if your next seat passenger peeps into your phone, ask him to respect your privacy.

Reading Down 377

Supreme Court decriminalized consensual sex between two people of the same sex. This means that gay sex is not a crime. It said that consensual sex is natural and society owes an apology to the gay community.

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Orders political parties to declare criminal records

In another verdict, SC asked the political parties of the country to upload the criminal record on their candidates online. It also mentioned that candidates with the criminal record must not be given tickets to contest in elections.

Women can enter Sabarimala

Girls and women in the age group of 10-50 years were not allowed in the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. In a recent verdict by SC headed by the CJI Misra said that the practice violated the right to equality for women. The verdict struck down the rule.

Aadhaar and the Privacy

SC said that Aadhaar does not violate the privacy of an individual. However, it also banned private companies from using Aadhaar details of any person.

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We respect Deepak Misra for such major judgments.

Congratulations to Rajan Gogoi, good luck!


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