The disease of achieving more

This increasingly spreading disease is caused due to the defect in an organism’s Motivation Cycle. The condition is commonly seen in the determined youth among the population. They have the drive of never stopping to be content and satisfied with their achievements.

They are longing for more. Factors are intrinsic as well as extrinsic. Family and peers push people never to let their hunger die. Organization of a person is designed by the environment he lives in, and if he comprises of people having this disease, he might end up working his head off to beat them in this.


By understanding the Motivation Cycle, we can root the causes of the disease.

cycle of the disease of achieving more

    • Need: This is the stage of deficiency. The organism urges to achieve their aim as he is goal-deficit. This causes an imbalance in the internal environment. Defect at this stage causes humans to be greedy and stimulates a higher arousal.
    • Arousal: Imbalance causes arousal, which is the fuel to the whole process and the source of energy. People high on need suffer from high arousal. Hence the state of arousal becomes the state of tension.
    • Goal-directed behaviour: The environmental, cognitive and behavioural changes that the person induced makes all the arrows pointed towards the bull’s eye. A defect in this stage leads to the symptoms like people stressing over, not enjoying the little efforts, and not appreciating self.
    • Attainment of goal: The state of satisfaction and contentment, this stage is the achievement of the aimed goals. There cannot be a defect at this stage. If unsatisfied, people strive for higher goals.

  • Reduction of arousal: This stage is tension releasing. Balance is regained. People suffering from the disease of achieving more do not go through this phase.


  • Workload: Person is always tired of having the pressure of achieving more. He will always be working and will have the burden of working more.
  • Dissatisfaction: The person fails to recognise his efforts and does not find joy in achieving small goals.
  • Competitive and hostile: The sufferer would work their heads off to be in the race. Due to this, they become hostile and volatile.
  • Time urgent: Always feels that 24 hours are less for a whole day.


  • Organized: The person will definitely have all the behaviours that will direct him towards his goal. Some important ones are being organised and determined.
  • Motivated and motivating: He would always talk you into being centred and determined because he himself is.
  • Hard-work: They will always work hard and smart to get to goals.

The disease has its own merits and demerits. But, the greed remains a dominant cause. There is no precaution, no cure. It is a one-way road; there is no returning back.


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