DOTA 2 AI BOT : A Breakthrough or A minor improvement?

“Who is most intelligent creature on this planet? Humans, Right?

Wrong! There is a new species out there, AI Bots. How? Let’s find out…”

Did you ever gave it a thought, what is common in movies like Transformers, Terminators and iRobot, apart from eye popping action scenes?

Well, it is a worry that Artificial Intelligence will take over human civilization some day in near future. This fear is not a fiction anymore. There are reports that a Facebook AI program has been shut down by the company. It was found that this AI created a language on its own which cannot be understood by humans.

Open AI, a non-profit organization backed by Elon Musk, managed to make an AI bot that could play popular DOTA 2 game. The most astonishing part is that this bot defeated the world’s best DOTA 2 player at an international event in just 3 weeks of real time learning.

How it became possible?

The bot is not programmed with any move or any strategy said by Greg Brockman, an engineer from Open AI. They made bot play with its own instance. Then making it decide, whether it was a good or bad decision. This strategy of development gave unexpected results. The bot was able to achieve the skill of a casual player of DOTA 2 in 3 hours of real time training and achieved pro skills in just 3 weeks. 

DOTA 2 pro player DANYLO DENDI ISHUTIN, who was defeated in a live event by a bot, said

“it feels a little human and a little something else”

after he gave up playing with bot. Organization Open AI excited with success of their bot plans to participate in a 5 vs 5 match by next year.

What is it? Boon or Curse?

This level of skill developed within an AI bot has different dimensions to humanity. Such bots if ran entirely on their own intelligence, have the potential to perish entire civilization from this world. However, if they are behaving in a controlled manner, then these bots can turn out to be a saviour to humans.  For instance, precision achieved by AI bots is much better than that of a human. Such precision can be much useful for purposes like surgery.

This DOTA 2 bot is actually a milestone in our history. Now it depends on us whether we turn it into a countdown of the end of our civilization or beginning of a new epoch to life

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