Declutter life to embrace simplicity

Simplicity too often is confused with oppressive and opulent poverty. But, in its purest form simplicity is freedom from clutter, unwanted confusion and materialistic pleasures of life. It is embracing the ultimate sophistication.

Often, on our path to satisfy the over demand of our senses, we ignore the small pursuits of happiness in our lives. What we discover in the end is that we have been seeking it in an empty cornucopia, and sucking it with a smile of a lunatic at the rim of the crystal glass, into which was never poured the wine of glee and joy.

We have to understand that possessing everything we yearn and desire of not always solves our purpose.  Sometimes we need to let go things and worldly treasures to be able to enjoy our lives soulfully. And when we adapt the dogmas of minimalism, we perhaps seek wisdom.

Simplicity – ‘The Essence of a Beautiful Life’

Life is beautiful only when ‘we love what we have; because it is then we have everything, we need’. Simplicity is ruled by our idiosyncrasies and the purpose of life. It is the way we choose to live. If we welcome simple living, we will be successful in realizing the precious gifts of time, positivity, freedom and strength that will constitute a turning point in our lives. But, is accepting and decoding it as easy as pie?

Well, the answer lies in the affirmative. Downsizing or doing away with the perceptions that, simplicity is the polar opposite of dearth or that the person will not be able to lead an untroubled life or that he/she will always have to look upon other people for filing his terrestrial desires, is a non-lucrative process. This process simply raises uncertainties and fear but is well worth the ultimate happiness and freedom you will uncover.

The under listed pointers will help you unleash the new philosophy of leading a life of a minimalist.

  • Prioritize the events that keep you jovial
  • Determine to what extent you can live with simplicity
  • Remember that happiness blooms into the hearts of those who are inwardly and worldly free
  • Understand your own self to discover your righteous relationship with the treasures and money
  • Pull up your socks and be ready to face the rising fear
  • Redefine your story and values while you focus on the new path
  • Avoid getting into in the lures of shopping, else a fool and his money will soon be parted
  • Untangle the tangled deadlocks
  • Lately, pat yourself for embracing simplicity beautifully

Materialism’ – The polar opposite of Minimalism

If you still could not satisfy or convince yourself as to how important it has become to preach simplicity and let go the old and mundane philosophies off your life, its small snag will make you realize it.

Perhaps a wakeup call to suitably prevent you from the snags and the pitfalls:

A high dependency on the earthly values thus disregarding the social, spiritual and ethnic values drains out the inner beauty of mankind. It makes your performance egregious in the forefront of life. This is in consonance with the high price an individual may have to pay for this. These strong terrestrial values are inextricably laced with a pervasive ignorance of people’s health.

From happiness people are now slipping down to depression, the fitness index has dipped drastically and people in their young age have also started showing the signs of acute physical problems, personality disorders and anti-social behaviours.  

This is for all our readers, when you are in your frenzied days and when you feel highly abandoned by the community, the society, wealth and power, never should you lament. Instead, see the opportunity in every distorted plan of God. Welcome and accept the adventure that life has for your perusal. Remain calm and simple.

‘‘In simplicity, you will find – even if you never sought it there! – the sweet happiness your heart has always craved.’’

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Anupriya Seksaria
Dreamer, ambivert, ardent,shopping exhilarates me, adventure rides and crazy places allures me, listening music soothes my soul, and writing is something that speaks up my soul. I Believe in Serendipity!.

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  1. Was this just a way to show off your English/Literature degree(s)? This article is public, so it should be written in a way that the public understands. A few words here and there is okay, but I felt like I was reading Shakespeare and did not comprehend even the first sentence.



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