Tomorrowland: A place where dreams meet reality!

Forest+ Trippy Lights + Fountains + Fireworks + Insane Music = Tomorowland.
Ask any EDM music aficionado what his wet dream is- His answer would be the tickets to Tomorrowland. From starting as a one-day festival back in 2005 to “All Tickets Sellout” in less than 30 minutes in 2016, Tomorrowland had almost everything which you could imagine in a goddamn fantasyland.

For those of you who didn’t know, it is not held in the States, it’s not. Tomorrowland takes place at the recreation area, De Schorre, in Boom. The town of Boom is situated in Belgium, between Antwerp & Brussels. Boom means Tree in Dutch. That’s why they built a massive tree for the 7th edition of Tomorrowland. It now stretches over 2 weekends and usually gets sold-out in minutes.
It is going to celebrate its 11th anniversary this year with over a 1.5 lakh people attending every year to give a big fuck-off to reality and experience this trippy world of music. It’s like a Disneyworld for clubbers. People coming from over 100 different countries and dancing their heart out to the same tune guess Tomorrowland has done more for humanity bonding than these dumbfuck politicians will ever do.Since its inception,

Since its inception, Tomorrowland has been one of the most hotly anticipated events every year, this year starting on Friday, July 21 to Sunday, July 30, with thousands upon thousands of dance music-enthused festival nuts making the pilgrimage to Belgium for Mecca of all music festivals. Your favorite DJs coming all over from the world and dropping some melodious, electro tunes, if there is a heaven on earth, it has to be Tomorrowland.

2012 was a huge success for the festival, with 185,000 people attending from over 75 countries. Things were so hectic that year that Tomorrowlandand partnered with Brussels Airlines to give attendees the options of exclusive travel packages.


Tomorrowland was started by 2 brothers “Manu and Michiel Beers“, who wanted to give a bewitching and enchanting experience to the concert goers. The flabbergasting stages, the talented DJs, the beauteousness of nature, the sparkling fireworks ameliorate your whole experience of the festival.

Tomorrowland is more than just a music festival. It is an adult playground with an entire theatrical production. It is well known for its incredible lineup, mind-blowing sets, over the top magical scenery and the incredible firework and laser shows. The festival is famous for the painstaking attention that is put into creating a surreal, psychedelic atmosphere. The stages are works of arts in themselves, complete with hand made statues, animatronic creatures, and wild effects. This, combined with the laser shows, ice cannons, and confetti dropped from helicopters, creates the ideal ravers back drop to a wild party.


Even heroes need a break and thankfully Tomorrowland provides a ton of entertainment for when you need to recharge your dancing batteries.

  1. It has built in resorts, tents, “CHURCH OF LOVE” (ahem ahem), where you can make love while the nuns guard the doo r, now Who came up with that idea? Super cool.
  2. Belgian chocolate is revered throughout the world, so travelers will be relieved to know that they can sample some of the world’s very best chocolate without even leaving the festival grounds.
  3.  You can rent a book, kick back and relax in the shade, grab a meal in one of the countless restaurants or rent boats to paddle on the many lakes in the festival areas or just watch the professional dancers doing what they do best, it’s quite impressive.


Armin Van Buu ren, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, all these big names in the EDM industry have headlined Tomorrowland. David Guetta, in fact, has the record of making the most appearances in Tommorowl and, not missing even a single one since the festival’s inception.

On April 16, composer Hans Zimmer and Tomorrowland announced that they combined forces for the creation of a classical hymn that would premiere during the 10th-anniversary edition of Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland has some stages which are literally floating free in the water.  The artists have to take a boat ride in order to reach the stage to perform.


At Tomorrowland, there are houses bigger than the ones you are living in right now. Every year Tomorrowland rents out mansions worth $ 50,000 to high rollers for the ultimate experience in Luxury. Capable of accommodating 12 festival goers, a sofa, a dining table, a mini kitchen, a fully stocked fridge with a jacuzzi is all included in the manor.

Tomorrowland hosts its festivals after renting grounds from 20 different local farmers who welcome the festival organizers with open hands and waving the Tomorrowland flags.

ID&T, a private firm which organizes music festivals like Tomorrowland, have their own cannon-site, which launches cloud dispersing chemicals into the sky to avoid rainfall during the festival.
And just to let you know-DRUGS ARE BANNED.

Every year they release an official after-movie which truly encapsulates the essence of the festival and is sure to make you want to come back. Check out the amazing Tomorrowland after-movies on YouTube (95 million views) if you want to experience the madness of festival but are broke just like me (Genie, please fill my bank account with 10,000 dollars). They say there’s no place like home but there certainly is no place like Tomorrowland.

Disclaimer: In case you are caught with anything illegal, they throw you out and legal action would be taken against you. Don’t worry, Beer is always there!!!

And the Sunday bonanza, the link to 2016 after-movie:

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