Poetry is an art that can touch the bottom of one’s heart. It is always pleasure and enriching to read. Probably there is nobody who knows not the great Pakistani poet and the most famous of all time, Faiz Ahmad Faiz. He was also awarded Nobel Prize in Literature and the Lenin Peace Prize. He is among the most celebrated poets in the Urdu language.

His work is eternal. He sure plays with words in the most mesmerizing way.  Even after years to his death, people love to read his work. The one thing his poetry is metaphorical to is; a bird sitting on the stem of a tree, chirping on a cool winter morning. Faiz Ahmad Faiz has contributed to the world of literature; treasures to keep. 

We have tried to gather some of his work, which we call art, and presented to you. 

Faiz’s work is eternal. It is not just pleasuring to read but motivating and inspirational too.