Five places you should really plan to visit before you die

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”

– Saint Augustine

We live in a world of wonders and awe. With every tick of the clock, we are revealed to the hidden treasures of the world. These treasures could only be explored and exploited by travelling and plunging ourselves into the deep mysteries of the world. Different architectures, climatic conditions, and seasons put forth us places that one would hardly believe to exist. But I am sure that you must never have come across these places of travelling that I am going to mention now. It’s really hard to believe that places like these also exist. If you love to travel, add these in your list:


Located in the northwestern part of Ukraine, Europe, initially with a purpose of transporting military equipment to a secret military base, what makes it popular is a belief that a couple walking hand in hand through the tunnel, making a wish, their wishes will come true.


Salar de Uyuni, is the biggest salt flats in the world, measuring at 11000kms (approx.) Surprisingly, this salt flat is covered in crystal clear water, making it the largest mirror in the world where you can see what’s underneath. What is even more astounding is its capacity to carry 11 billion tons of salt.


Keukenhof, better known as the garden of Europe is perhaps the largest flower garden on the earth, consisting of a total of 800 varieties of tulips and spread in an area of approximately 80 acres. It is a home to some exotic species of lilies. Keukenhof is now known to be one of the most photographed sites of the worlds.


Swimming in blue water is so mainstream. What about pink? Yes, swimming in this lake is absolutely out of danger and perils. The reason for pink water is still a matter of debate, which is suspected to be because of the presence of some algae by a few scientists while the others contemplate the presence of red halophilic bacteria.

The dreamiest lavender fields, UK and France

The fields are best to see between June and mid-July when the fields will be in full bloom. The best part on visiting these fields is you get to carry bundles of freshly cut lavenders back home.


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