From interpreting urine to tea leaves: world’s weird fortune telling methods

Whether you believe in it or not, Fortune tellers and Daily horoscopes always manage to grab our attention and as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, it’s all fun and games. The curiosity on what the future holds have always managed to intrigue us throughout the ages and as long as science remains unable to throw light upon such issues, believes will prevail.

Here are some of the most bizarre fortune telling practices from around the world throughout the ages:


Cocks were a great deal back in the days (I’m talking about roosters) and in this form of divination, one such rooster was allowed to peck at grains scattered on the floor and interpretations were made by diviners aka magical dudes. The cocks were then either sacrificed or taken in for cockfighting.

ALECTRYOMANCY (Credits: Wikipedia)


Now we know why the ancient Greeks hated candlelight dinners. Keros in Greek means wax and therefore ceromancy is the practice of reading a burning candle. Interpretations are made depending on the flame, the way in which the wax drips as the candle melts and also by the smoke from the candle. Tasseography, popularly known as Tea leaf reading is a similar practice in which interpretations are made from patterns formed by tea leaves in a cup (remember professor Trelawney back in the Prisoner of Azkaban?) after the querent has finished drinking the cup of tea.

Ceromancy and Tasseography (Credits:


No, not extra spicy, extispicy deals with interpreting the internal organs of sacrificed animals. Most often, the liver is the organ of choice as the Babylonians who practiced it believed liver to be the source of blood and life. The liver was divided into sections, each representing a specific deity. The spleen and liver of animals were even used to forecast weather.


Ever noticed your stomach rumbling? Well, according to gastromancy, it could mean that the dead are trying to communicate with you and interpret it as the voice of the dead. The interesting thing to be noted here is that it is this religious practice that later shaped into the art of ventriloquism.


By now you would’ve probably noticed that ancient Greeks pretty much interpreted everything they could think of and they didn’t leave anything behind. Not even pee. This pseudoscience focused on interpreting the foamy froth of urine formed when one would pee on water. The color of urine, the nature of the froth and many more were evaluated.


Rumpology is performed by examining nothing but butt! Yes, the crevices, dimples, warts, moles, and folds of a person’s buttocks are interpreted by a rumpologist aka butt doc.

One of the pioneers in the art of rumpology is Jackie Stallone and if that name made you think of Sylvester Stallone, it is by no means no accident as Jackie happens to be his mom. According to Mrs Stallone, the left and right buttocks reveal a person’s past and future, respectively and also, the butt crack corresponds to the division of two hemispheres of the brain.





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