Gaganyaan: The Human Space Mission

The Human Space Mission: Gaganyaan is targeted for December 2021. The Gaganyaan Programme has been approved by the Government of India. The design and configuration of the major subsystem are finalized. The procurement and system/ subsystem realization for tests and flight has commenced.

The crew selection and training process for the Gaganyaan mission is progressing well including the training in Russia under Gaganyaan Mission.

GSLV MkIII launcher which is ISRO’s heavy-lift launcher is identified for the Gaganyaan mission. It has requisite payload carrying capacity for the Orbital module in a desired elliptical orbit. Process for the human rating of GSLV Mk-III is progressing well.

ISRO has wide experience in technological areas with respect to the Launch vehicle, spacecraft management, ground infrastructure, etc. ISRO has taken steps for the human rating of existing systems to ensure crew safety. In certain areas where ISRO lacks experience such as Human-centric systems, crew training, crew recovery, etc., ISRO is planning to collaborate with national and international agencies. MoUs in this regard have already been signed with DRDO labs, Indian Air Force and the Russian space agency


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