Can gender be restricted to four walls?

” We are big and vast and diverse, a nation of people with different backgrounds and beliefs, different experiences and stories but bound by the shared idea that no matter who you are or what you look like, how you started off on how and who you love, America is a place where you can write your own destiny. This ruling will strengthen all of our communities by offering to all loving same-sex couples the dignity of marriage across this great land. “

This is a snippet of the speech made by Former President Barack Obama on June 26, 2015 after the US supreme court ruling on same sex marriage.

That was the first time when the whole world started to recognize and respect people who do not find themselves under the formed norms and so has the curiosity began to run its course. Not only Barack Obama unveiled the true form of freedom but he has also paved the way for people to be themselves and not be afraid. Since then a continuous search is going on and more people who do not relate to “normality” have shown their faces.

Ruby Rose announced herself as genderfluidOne of the recent face who revealed her genderqueerness was Ruby Rose. She is famously known for her badass role as inmate Stella Carlin in the series “Orange is the new black”. Through her “Break free” video in 2014 she announced herself as genderfluid. And to add further in an interview with Elle, she said- “Genderfluidity is not really feeling like you’re at one end of the spectrum or the other”.

Another personality of high affection who tried showing us what being genderfluid really mean is Miley Cyrus. ( The best of ALL the worlds) . Although getting criticized for her actions, she never held herself back and kept on supporting people who relate to her.

This brings us to the question . . .

What does genderfluid mean?

Genderfluid is one of the subcategories which come under the umbrella term “Genderqueer”. It is the term usually used to describe someone who is a dynamic mix of a boy, girl and non-binary (Genderqueer). And no, it has nothing to do with the genitalia you possess.

It’s just how you feel on a certain day.Genderqueer thoughts

This group of people uses different sets of pronouns for themselves, that is Singular “they” and “ze”. They also use hir and Mx instead of his/her and Mr/Ms. For example – Ze is happy. Hir throat was better.

Using singular “they” is a bit tricky as not everyone is Shakespeare. And so has the use of Ze/hir spiked.

Who are these people?

A genderfluid person can be anyone. Ze might be living next to you or the person you crossed in the evening. Anyone. And I promise they look like normal human beings with the same capacity of breathing air as you do.

Although Millennials are considered as the most genderfluid generation according to a survey conducted by GLAAD. Also known as Generation Y, this generation includes individuals born in the year 1982 to 2004.


The purest form of self-identification is a flag. It is a symbol of self-empowerment and encouragement. The nonbinary community has adopted this way to emphasize change and each one of them has a Pride flag.

The five horizontal stripes represent five possibilities or fluctuations a genderfluid person can go through.
Pink – we all know it stands for femininity.
Blue – stands for masculinity.
Purple – stands for both femininity and masculinity.
• Black – for the lack of any gender.
• White – for all genders.

THE SUPPORT SYSTEM for genderqueer 

Not only people who are genderfluid are fighting for their rights but also recognized Universities such as Harvard is playing a major role in their grapple.

In April 2017, Harvard in its Official Guide recognized Genderqueerness as a possibility and said “Gender can change from day-to-day” which gave a major support to the people to come out as who they are and inspired others to support the term as well.

And it does not stop there. Long before this, in September 2016, Oxford dictionary added “Gender-fluid” in its pages and has made clear that the term exists This provided a way to decrease resistance against the non-binary community and freeing them from all sorts of discrimination.
Genderfluid support groups
But scrolling through Instagram and Twitter having the largest user base, doesn’t help enough to know about anything in just words. So the fashion world has extended hir hands and displayed a huge change on the desk by making gender fluid fashion statements.

Fashion is validated even by the ones who are small enough to read or old enough to try. It is one of the biggest platforms to introduce the change. This year (June) has witnessed some way out of the box appearances and fashion statements. One of them was depicting gender fluidity.

zayn malik and gigi hadid being gender queer

(Source: Vogue cover- Gender fluid fashion displayed by celebs Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.) 

Although this whole act got trashed as neither Zayn Malik nor Gigi Hadid is actually genderfluid. But for the part they have done, gender fluidity did grow more than just being a skeleton of words. It got a face to show and a reason to defy the resistance felt by them.


Further, there are many organizations such as INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR GENDER EDUCATION, THE GENDER TRUST (UK), SAHODARI FOUNDATION (INDIA) supporting genderqueer peoples in form of counselling and educating people about it.

We constantly face discrimination and there is no standard definition of what is perfect. Calling someone ugly is acceptable to a level but yelling “BISEXUAL” or “TRANS” to someone in form of slangs is not. Stop treating them like untouchables, cursing the way they dress and making them feel unwanted. How would you feel when you are constantly drained by the scrutiny and pain of being different?

“Don’t talk to her, she is not normal”

“You look so pretty, why have you cut your hair short?”

“Why do you dress like a gay?”

“Is this normal or you fake it?”

“Is this normal or you fake it?”

“Behave like a Man!”

And if you have the courage to judge someone and scratch their heads like blades, let that someone be you. Constantly feeding hate to genderqueer people just because they don’t feel the same way as you do, is surely an act of bravery deserves a reward of pity. They have nowhere to go. They can’t get highly paid jobs even if their education is much higher. Nobody would accept them in their society. They are under constant fear of what might happen if they revealed the truth.

Everyone is different and they should embrace their inner self. We can’t change anyone but ourselves. And the first step of improving and solving a problem is recognizing there is one. Gender inequality is a long-standing case and there has been no justice done. All we can do is support each other and help in relieving constraints.

Although some countries, having one of the largest population of the world can start by not killing girl child first.

And if this is not a reason good enough for you to start changing things, the day is not far when DC will start producing genderfluid superheroes like Doctor endless and it will be too late for you to make them your spirit animal.


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