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The grey every woman wants

by Payal Mulani

To all the women out there,

We all have thought of a man who is our dream-come-true. The one who would spend his life worshipping both, our body and our soul. The man who not only understands but stands-under each situation with us. The man who can recognise the king’s story behind your queen. He is dominant yet secretive, has defined boundaries, and is emotionally well balanced.

One such man has his name in the history of literature. Christian Grey.
Created by E.L. James, in the Fifty Shades Trilogy, Mr Grey is an incredibly out of the box character, in need of control. He has been portrayed as the man who can conquer the world. In the past few years, he has become the major partner-goals for all the literature lads.

So all the ‘prefect men’ out there,
Beware. Any man with the following abilities can take your woman away.

1. Strength in his left pocket

The threshold of strength, I believe, is at a point where you dwell into your past and scratch it out for solutions. Molestation in Grey’s childhood explains his need for dominance in his present. No matter how hard it was for him to have a way with the past, he did it. If your man knows the art of shaking hands with the past, he knows the way out. And leading him, you come out as well.

All this on one side; but the person outside the circle would never know the rage of war inside Grey’s head. A man this strong, imagine the amount of strength he would pass on to his woman.

2. Black and white Romance

Christian Grey has a dark side of romance. The control of him over his sadist, the kink in the sex, yet the pleasure of the sadist, says all about the black romance. The kind of society we live in, women are encouraged to have, and open up about their sexual fetishes. So, why not dominant-sadist relationships inside of the eternal bond two people carry?

He also has the bright side of this romance where he spoils his woman with expensive literature art, surprising her at her holidays, heartfelt kisses, being possessive, protective and a little jealous. Who would not want a man who has your back in front of the world as well as in the “red room”?

3. Sexy while he talks

Ana: What would I get out of this?
Grey: Me.

A man can take breaths away if he knows what exactly to trigger. The voice and sound of each word of a man means a lot to his woman. Not even sentences, a few words are enough for a man to sweep us off our feet. There is no denying, the seductive power of good vocabulary.
We all consider the introduction of Ana and Grey, in Fifty Shades of Grey, to be the sexiest description in both, the book as well as the movie. Don’t we?

4. Believer of Constant Changes

Grey’s life has been a journey to hell and back. First, the suicide of a drug-dealing mother, then the sexual molestation. He overcame all of it and believed that changes are only constant. He finally fell in love with Ana, which proved a positive change in his life.

A man so shattered by his past finally finds peace in your arms, a man after having sex with a lot of women finally makes love to you and a man dominant in the world, sadist for just you.

5. Breathtaking Beauty

Ana described Grey as the epitome of male beauty. He is tall, muscular, and lean, with broad shoulder, copper brown hair, and grey eyes. And whenever complimented, he says “just a pretty face”.  He also says he is a husk of a man with no heart.

Getting major goals, yet?

6. Man with the power

The man should not only be dominant only in bed, but also in his business. He should have enough security and financial stability. Many of you might disagree, but this is a must. Mr Grey was a man of control. He always had his eye on the next success in life.

After all this, why settle for anything less?
Your Christian Grey is out there!

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