Harry Potter – A generation’s fantasy

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

– Prof. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

On the doorsteps of Number 4, Privet Drive began the journey of what would become a legend for time to come by but, more importantly, for us it was the Gubraithian fire that fueled our ceaseless appetite for a fantasy that we could call our own. We have all been there; our eyes glued to the pages while our parents’ remonstrations for rereading an unproductive piece of unreal commercial work (aye, the indignation of that statement!!) just flew over our heads.

So, what was so special about this dark haired boy with green eyes?

Fantasies were the ultimate escapism for young and old alike, and tales of dragons and mythical conquests have captivated humans for millennia. They fed on the monotony of daily life, and almost every individual will have a story that they call their own and a corresponding world they swear by be it folktales, movies or even religious epics. And it is fair to say that each generation had one to enthral itself. Harry Potter was one such work of literature for our generation.

Harry Potter

It had a piece for everyone: the wit and witticisms of the twins; the Potions Master’s dedication and loyalty surpassing that of his enormous humanity; the bonds of friendship unperturbed by gigantic odds; the choices a good heart corrupted by family prejudices had to make, the list is endless as the Nile. But most importantly, it taught us a life without love, is no life at all.

This was portrayed quite brilliantly in J. K. Rowling’s magnum opus by the stark contrast between the “the boy who lived” and the “Dark Lord” set in the background of their blaring similarities. Both orphans who called Hogwarts their home while the charming one chose to delve into the darkest crevices of magic, his seemingly insignificant counterpart showed that courage and love are the most powerful possessions in this life and the next.

Beyond the magic of its plot and between the message in its words there is something else more wholesome. We found a family of like-minded souls who are as diverse as the seven seas could fathom.

The fan following of the “chosen one” might just be the single most devout group of individuals whose captivation of the magical world has contributed to the plethora of fan fiction, works of art, literary interpretations, et cetera and will carry forth the legacy to the next generation.

Harry Potter

As a member of that movement let me declare with utmost conviction: Harry Potter is the renaissance of Fantasy Fiction.

‘Harry Potter’ is not just a series for my generation, it is our childhood whose words are the inspiration we seek when we lose our way on the thoroughfares of life.
Always and Forever……..


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