How a human is…

A human has craters as moon

A human is both beautiful and horrendous. Human glitters and starves.

A human has craters – the negatives and bright spots – the positives. And a human has vacancies, things still to be defined.

What essentially defines a human as “good” or “bad” is the dominance of positives or negatives in it.

But what we often forget is that the vacant spaces are the most abundant. A human has the potential to change every moment, even negatively, but not if there’s beauty with it, true beauty will only result in a positive change. These vacancies are filled as craters or bright spots every moment of every day. No matter how much you fill these vacancies, there will be more of them. And you can’t stop their filling, but you can try and control on how they are filled.

Most people mistaken the purpose of beauty to be an indulgence, which is far from the reality. A beautiful person is not one who invites lust. The true purpose of beauty is to purify. Anything or anyone truly beautiful will purify. Purification is a necessity.

Purification essentially means that the person is being free of the things troubling it. Free of the things not letting it grow. Purifying is being free of things like hate, overthinking, judgment, discord, etc. Purification helps one to increase the quality of life.

This beautiful picture has been contributed to us by Khushi Naik. Follow her on Instagram @cryptxc.mind



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