How to fight against corruption in a research institute. Some general conditions you should follow to win the fight.

1. First, take time and go through all existing rules and regulation
because the law is there to curb the misuse of things not for your harassment 50% fight you will win here like I read all the existing constitution and establishment rule of ICAR because these things were made 50 years back by stalwarts in the greater interest of organization.
2. Never trust any forum or organization because peoples are there for their own interest not for your interest like ARS FORUM like boneless organization here. Because intellectuals are wise enough to fight alone.
3. Never go to media because they have their vested interest.
4. Never take the help of political party they are like local anesthesia create more trouble for your problem.
5. The major advantage with the new generation is they are vocal thus create undercurrent against corruption.
6. A lot of people are suppressed by these corrupt peoples they are waiting for evidence to flush out from the system give them the evidence using facebook in limited group members because outsides will defame your system.
7. During this fight automatically you will get undersupport from unknown sources.
8. keep calm and stand stiff because these corrupt are highly cowards like stray dogs run faster to make afraid you in groups they will come if shown them your back they will bite you. If you stand firm they will run like my case they flew away from Ranchi and missing from the office from 10 days without intimation because they know they did wrong.
9. The fastest justice comes from the system like my case within one days.
10. Final guru mantra we are living in a democratic country above of govt justice of court is there never go to local court go to High court or Supreme court file a PIL if no system is working.
11. Supreme is god whatever I got power to fight from there because against his will nothing will be changed.
12. Never abuse or slam to your system 98% (assumption) people are good.
13. Only a few corrupts are remained everywhere be kind and give them a second chance to be good citizens.

The article is taken from the wall of Dr. Rishikesh Kumar who is a scientist at ICAR – Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology.


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