What can possibly be faster than bullet trains, safer than cars, environmentally friendly and cheaper than airplanes? Flying cars maybe. We are not in 2050 yet. But with Elon Musk’s growing inventions, flying cars will soon be a reality. For now, let’s talk about his latest ongoing project: HYPERLOOP

 Coming out to be one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, Hyperloop is expected to be commercialized by 2021. Its practicality and functioning are still one of the talked issues of the high-speed technology world.

Hyperloop could transform the entire transportation system of the world. The basic idea is just to push people through the air.

Hyperloop will consist of magnetic pods in long vacuum tubes connecting cities and people sitting inside the pod will be pushed through the tubes using magnetic levitation with almost no air friction in the tube, at the rate of 700 kmph. Imagine the reduction in traveling and its impact on society.

With tremendous save in time for travel, people could benefit the most out of it. For example, it takes 3 hours to fly from Sydney to Brisbane plus the waiting time at the airport makes it around 4.5 hours. With high-speed rail, this distance could be traveled in less than 3 hours. So that would save almost 2 hours. Apart from this, with Hyperloop, intercity jobs could be much easier. People will be able to move to other places with cheaper houses and come to the other city to work. This way, standards of living will increase and happiness indexes will rise.

Each pod will be able to transport 30 passengers at once. Now, this is definitely very less, but it has been aimed to run pods at the intervals of 30 seconds during the peak hours and 2 minutes during non-peak hours to control the crowd.

It won’t only carry passengers but will transport goods as well. This will help in improving the time of delivery, package loss and damages will be more avoidable.

How will this new technology survive when non-renewable sources of energy are not enough to suffice? Simple. Solar power and electricity.  The pods will initially require electricity to start the motor and solar panels installed on top of the roof will generate more power to light up the cabin etc.  That means, they will run with almost 0 emissions. No wonder, they call it the most sustainable form of transport.

We are gonna see this technology run on the tracks very soon. Researches, developments, and testings are still being undertaken. Millions have already been invested in the project. Abu Dhabi will soon have a full line by the end of 2019.

We don’t know if the idea of Hyperloop will succeed in the long run transportation but it definitely has proven as one of the promising inventions of today.

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