If Keyboards Could Talk: Would It Spill The Beans?

If keyboards could talk, mine would definitely get into an argument with me or jump off the terrace
right away, for I have troubled it so much! Walking down the memory lane, I could recall the
unforgettable memories of me spilling coffee over the laptop while in a haste to complete the
assignment or using the tip of the pen between the keys, trying to dust off the small particles of dirt
or simply banging on the keyboard way too hard in excitement. It shouts in anger, begs for help. It
dies inside every second. Undoubtedly, my keyboard has silently faced all the injustice caused to it,
but not anymore! My keyboard is no less than an intern or employee at the office, who has to dance
and sway at the owner’s command pretending that, he has got no feeling of his own. Keyboard to
me is a “sataya hua praani” who can commit suicide any moment now.

If you also have sympathies for your keyboard, then here is a tribute to all the keyboards of our
glorifying era. And just in case, you refuse to empathize, then the underlying debate of the “Brave
hearted” keyboards with itself will give you a chance to reconsider your thoughts.

Take some time and ponder upon: would keyboards describe how it served as a pillow to its owner
when he could not keep his eyes open? Would they bring face to face with the realities of a mother
working day in & day out just to serve food on the table? Would they advise the fathers to look
beyond the screen, into the future and make them realize that by the time they would look up the
screen, their children would have grown up. What would they do to make the teenagers realize that
the words they have just typed on google are inappropriate and how it can cause inconvenience to
their parents?

“Bhai aaj toh mat girana, aaj upvaas hai”

Would it reveal about all the efforts a student has put in, in completing their research papers and
the assignments? Would it give a proof of how dumb you are, by presenting the screenshot of
utterly foolish questions that you have ever googled like how to boil eggs or how to lose weight or
how will I know that I am in love? Or will it make more complicated by letting your spouse know that
you still email really long love letters to your ex-lover?


Please tell your cat to behave. It always scratches me all over.

Would keyboards advise the hardworking personnel to take an off from their busy schedule and get a holiday or will it encourage them to work harder to realize their bonuses? If keyboards were asked to choose only one place of service, what it would be? Will it be an Army headquarters or the blingy Bollywood industry? Will the keyboards hush off the furious cat scratching over him with joy or will it be her voice? Would it tell the world about how helplessly tears roll down the cheeks of its owner on some nights and drop on her?




Would they advise you to buy clothes online, that you were uncertain and debating about a few hours
ago? Would they comfort you by answering positively to the question that you keep on repeating it to yourself when you are alone? Do I look pretty or will be able to shoulder the responsibilities as a
grown-up man? Would it openly make you accept the fact that you have been looking for old age
homes for your parents to shift hem in? Or would simply spill the beans all over your plans of
booking the tickets secretly to an escapade to Goa with your friends?

“Okay , you do this one more time, and I will spill the beans all over”

Would keyboards tell the world how strong you had been while gathering more information online
about the safety of your loved ones trying to escape the obnoxious of the terrorist attacks? Would
the keyboards banish a person singing the song along with the real singer or would it actually beg for
more? Would the keyboards appreciate and applaud the people for what all they have achieved till
now? Or simply will it be a guide to those searching for the very purpose of life?
Keyboards are undoubtedly the best secret keepers, but should not be taken for granted. So, what
do you think, your keyboards would talk about if actually given a stage? Will they spill the beans or
jar will always be filled?


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