If you think being an introvert is not cool, you are wrong!

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

– Stephen Hawking

Let’s forget stereotypes, studies, scientific analysis and statistical data for the time being as I have been labelled an introvert ever since I came to know the meaning of the word and so with that authority vested upon me by society, let us check out some of the perks of being an introvert or having an introvert as a friend for that matter.

Savor, not sulk at, the solitude

Many feel their share of despair and depression when left alone and crave for company and attention; not us!! We have come to enjoy those hours of blissful solitude thus making us independent as the resilient oak.

(Source: awaken.com)

We know no less than extroverts and show less

As is our propensity for the less strenuous pleasures in life such as reading and gaming, introverts tend to exhibit a sense of dexterity and knowledge very much unlike our extravagant counterparts making us an enemy you don’t want to make.

(source: quiet revolution)

Great listeners and confidantes

Introverts are tailor-made to be perfect listeners when you want to confide or simply vent your frustration after a really long day. We won’t interrupt or condescend but will give you our ears and empathy.

(source: Huffington Post)

Smaller friend circles with larger trust diameters

Yes, we agree! Socializing could be a chore for us at times and therefore friend circles of introverts are limited to a select few. However, those close mates of ours have successfully navigated our screenings and therefore make for trustworthy souls.

(source: Daily sun)

Terrific neighbors and wonderful tenants

As opposed to those boisterous hooligans next door, introverts make for the best neighbors as our tame demeanors and composed lifestyles will not disturb you on a Sunday night when Monday blues are around the corner.

(source: Lovely blog)

The mysterious stranger

A good many of us have definitely fantasized about the quiet, brooding stranger sat across. Chances are that he belongs to that select club i.e. introverts.

(source: harbor village detox)


I could go on but as a true introvert, I would like to keep my words short. What are some of the other perks of being an introvert? Tell us in the comments below.

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