The Political Scenario of the country

We are one of the oldest civilisations in the world. We have a rich history of producing great leaders. The political scenario in India has been changing with every new era. From time to time it has been ruled by great dynasties. There were Mauryas, Guptas, Cholas, Lodhis, Mughals, Britishers and probably during their rule we have seen some of the greatest leaders this country has ever produced. Nowadays we are being ruled by stupidity.(I hope my family would be safe and I won’t be termed anti-national when this gets published.)

We got Independence in 1947, but are we still independent? Bunch of idiots telling us what kind of food to eat, what kind of movies to watch, whom to make love to, what kind of persons love their country, more bullshit like that. I am telling those bunch of idiots-to fuck off.

The government of India was led by Congress for about 70 years, and during this period there was no major political awareness among the people; one had no idea where the biggest democracy of the world was heading to, and the fate of the country regarding politics seemed vulnerable. Politics is supposed to represent the voice of the people, wherein politicians are expected to fairly represent the expectations of the voters that voted them in a democracy. But this is an idealist perception. In reality, politics has become a business nowoften family business, where a small group of people control the ‘affairs’ of politics in an oligarchy, for selfish gains – monetary or otherwise.

But in 2014, the so-called Anti-national government lost its power and the party espousing the idea of India as a distinctly Hindu state came into power. The BJP went from only two seats in 1984 to 85 in 1989. The popularity rose from there to 120 in 1992 and 182 seats by 1999. The biggest reason for the proliferation of the BJP is the Congress and the ‘Face Of Congress’ itself. They ran the government so bad that even the elections were a one-sided affair.

But the question is: Is this a country changing government?

No, this is same as the previous government, how would they do justice to the race of politicians?
We all know 99.9% of politicians give rest a bad name. The politicians beg the common man for the votes, and once they are in power, Boom, we disappear, and our importance gets renewed every five years. As Mark Twain said: “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”

In India, it has always come down to choosing the lesser of two evils. The problem is I can’t find out which one is the lesser evil; both are evil!! Considering their ‘type’ and ‘nature‘ of politics. The government is a hoax, catering to the needs of elite and the rich, while we wonder what the fuck happened. Let me present that to you with a few examples:

The Bullshit Excuses

  • The slogan of ‘Mandir Wahin Banayege’ was chanted louder than ‘School/Hospital/Bridge Wahin Banayege’. In fact, banayenge hi nahi, sirf chutiya banayege. We(not me) didn’t elect you for this bullshit, seriously a temple in 2018? ‎I would choose real development over temple any day. Aur mandir banega bi nahi, kyunki agar ban gaya toh, what would be the Manifesto of 2019 elections?

‎Do you realise a goddamn man has sent his goddamn car into goddamn space?
Udar Bache bhook aur thand se mar rahe hai, samaj raha hai tujhe? Bridges, ‘Ache’ Hospitals’, Colleges aur Bina gaddo ki Roads banane me bi koi dikkat nahi hai bro!!

  • And what is this ‘Jaag Jao, Hindutva Khatre Me Hai?’ We survived 2000 years without your bullshit, we still would.

I am a Kashmiri Pandit, thrown out of my Homeland, Jab Hindutva wakai Khatre me thi, no one was there to prevent the massacre, and you and me belong to the same religion and country.So, keep your religion based shit to yourself and stop whining about it.

‎The Congress did nothing for us, but so did you. I know that you don’t possess the potential of settling us back in the Valley, but the least you can give us is Justice. That too is denied in your government. And you want to me believe this Cross-border terrorism is a joke, crossing an international border, infiltrating and killing army personnel is possible without the knowledge of intelligence agencies and the government. Stop fooling me around. Why doesn’t any of this happen in Israel? Why doesn’t any of this happen in China?

When you were in opposition, you highly criticised the government for this, but know it has been your government for past 3.5 years and you seemed to have done bullshit about it. Maybe a goddamn temple is more of a priority than real people getting killed. Have more of a stubborn policy towards Pakistan. Have you ever realised how the army feels because they have to take orders from shitty politicians like you and can’t act on their own?

The Strong Competitors Of Corruption

  • ‎If the Congress government was a puppet of big and corrupt businessmen, so is yours. ‎We all know about this Adani thing and if you did not hear it is: Massive fraud, crony capitalism and a pollution disaster right on the Great Barrier Reef coast. It’s business as usual for the planest’s dodgiest mining Goliath.

The latest Adani files reveal that Adani have already brought their shonky business practices and environmental destruction to Australia. It substantiates beyond a doubt that Adani can’t be trusted to fabricate the world’s biggest new coal mine. And they definitely can’t be trusted with a billion taxpayer dollars to do it.

It exposed environmental destruction, corruption and criminal activity on a grand scale.
‎Mr. Gautam is accused of a labyrinthian 289 million fraud that chicaned shareholders, tax authorities and Indian energy consumers.



A blistering investigation by the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ uncloaked details of how Adani allegedly syphoned hundreds of millions of dollars borrowed money into offshore tax havens. Legal documents accentuate how Adani created a front company in Dubai to order apparatus from, before selling it back to themselves at tectonically inflated prices. They then used a complex money trail to bury the profits in a tax haven.

A significant amount of the money Adani allegedly syphoned was furnished by Indian taxpayers. The over-pricing of apparatus used to supply electricity would have also led to increased power prices for Indian consumers.

The fact that payment of tax duty on coal has been knuckled under by APL to the ­High Court of Gujarat in the case Adani Power Limited v Union of India. But going by the documents received by the EPW from a trustworthy source, “there has been no tax paid on raw materials and other consumables, which is obligatory as per the SEZ law.” APL had availed of duty exemptions to the tune of Rs 1,000 crore on raw materials and other consumables till the end of March 2015 which have to be paid but had not been paid.

  • The latest being the PNB Fraud/Scam, whatever you like calling it. 11,300 crores vanish, and these shitty politicians playing the blame game.The loan was based on LoU fraud i.e fake Letter of Undertaking were generated. As a matter of fact, the LoUs are renewed every year. The loan was given in the Congress regime, agreed, but who renewed it in 2014, 2015 and till the day it was exposed. The top officials in the Finance Ministry, Opposition all are involved in this because a fraud of worth this money couldn’t have happened without their consent and knowledge.

People are not realizing how big this scam is. Let me break it down to you, if you get that money and spend Rs 1 crore per day, it will take you almost 31 years to spend the entire money.

  • Vyapam Scam: First of all, I love my family and wish no harm comes to them, if it comes, you know now who to blame. It seems inexplicable that a media, famished for scandals and scams, has failed to pursue the admission-cum-recruitment racket in Madhya Pradesh (MP), popularly known as the Vyapam scam.

From 2013, when its real magnitude became widely known, 45 witnesses and accused in the case have died in mysterious circumstances while another 2,000 accused face inquiries and allegations that go up to the chief minister of the state, his ministers and associates. Yet, the national media has not demanded conclusive answers from the meandering investigation into a scandal that has ruined the careers and even lives of thousands of young medical aspirants and other professionals recruited through the process.

It has also eroded public trust in doctors. Even the judiciary has not taken a proactive stance, as it has in so many other cases, to ensure that the investigation is monitored and time-bound. And despite the recent r­eport of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) taking the state government to task for “systematic subversion of rules,” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership, which is so quick to jeer at the “corrupt” Congress, has maintained a studied silence.



The national media took serious cognisance of the scam only after a young Delhi television journalist died after he began inquiring into the scam. One investigative magazine ran a detailed story in which it mentioned, the land that journalists’ and judges’ housing cooperatives received from the state at subsidised prices and suggesting that this could be a factor in the lacklustre coverage of the scam by the local media. While the 45 deaths(official estimates put the figure at 25) connected to the scam were covered by the media, it did not probe further.

Eight years down the line, even as the main whistle-blower continues to fear for his life along with the other witnesses and accused that are “small fry” and plethora of young people are left to face an uncertain future, the delve into the scam remains rudderless. Civil society too has not made a concerted effort to ensure that the guilty are nailed. Conceivably, no other scam in recent times has created such an impact. Vyapam has exposed the cynical absence of accountability and impunity that governs the Indian polity.

Beef Lynching

15-year-old Junaid Khan was assaulted by an angry mob and stabbed to death on a crowded train as he was returning from Eid shopping, just a few kilometres from New Delhi, India’s capital.

According to media reports, the mob taunted Junaid and his brothers, calling them “mulla”, “beef-eaters” and “anti-nationals”. They grabbed at the boys’ beards and threw their skull caps to the floor. Junaid’s blood-soaked body lay in his brother’s lap for hours, as he screamed for help.
Despite the fact that this happened in front of a packed crowd, the police could find no witnesses who would testify to the incident.

A similar lynching was reported in West Bengal’s North Dinajpur district, on the same day, in which three Muslim men were beaten to death for allegedly stealing cows. That is horrific!!
During the last six months, a dozen Muslims have been lynched, always with the purpose of defending “Hindu values”, which, in some interpretations, considers cows sacred.

The violence began in September 2015 when a Muslim ironsmith named Mohammad Akhlaqwas brutally killed in front of his family by a mob of cow vigilantes in Dadri’s Bishara village, allegedly for storing beef in his refrigerator. The violence reached a high point in early 2017. At least 20 “cow-terror attacks” were reported in the first six months of the year, 75% more than the total number of incidents in 2016.

Finally, on June 29, after Junaid’s murder, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke his long silence on the subject. In a speech given at an ashram in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, he warned that “killing of people in the name of protecting cows is unacceptable”. Just hours after his address, another gruesome incident took place. A cruel crowd of 100 people lynched a 45-year-old Muslim trader in district Ramgarh of Jharkhand on the suspicion that he was carrying beef in his car.

It is arduous not to see in the current flood of “Hindu vigilantism” a conscious, sustained and systematic attempt to abet religious feeling in secular, multicultural India. Raising the bogeyman of cow slaughter is a way of stoking fear about India becoming a Muslim-majority country in which Hindus are portrayed as vulnerable victims.



The inertness of the cops and the slapping of counter-cases against the victims themselves have emboldened cow vigilante groups, which have begun to ameliorate by the thousand, especially in the northern part of the country and in BJP-ruled states.

All of this has been met mostly with silence. After a humiliating electoral defeat in Uttar Pradesh, the parties that typically draw Muslim votes have been playing a blame-game, trying not to further alienate Hindu voters.

For the BJP, cow protection is a strategic choice. By continuously raising the issue, the party boosts its image as the lone protector of Hindu religion and culture in India. It also deflects attention from the real issues confronting the country, such as farmer suicides, unemployment, economic slowdown, the Kashmir conflict, terrorism and naxalism(Indian Maoist armed guerrilla group).

Today, anyone who is critical of the Hindutva agenda – a nationalist ideology founded on an essentialist extreme vision of Hinduism – including liberal scholars and members of the media, are subjected to harsh criticism and pressure. In this climate of suspicion and insecurity, the culture of mob violence thrives.

Amnesty International India has condemned hate crimes against Muslims, but civil society organisations are already under severe strain, confronting a slew of actions against them by the BJP government.

Indian Muslims, for their part, are demoralised by all the violence and the lack of credible leadership from within their own ranks. Muslim clergy are a divided lot, still grappling with the simmering dissent over the controversial so-called instant divorce law.

After Junaid’s murder, Muslim citizens in India wore black armbands to protest during Eid prayer, and many refrained from the traditional shopping for or wearing new clothes.

The politics of hate against minorities something should concern everyone in India. Seriously if the government continues overlooking this sad issue of lynchings, I fear that angry and frustrated Muslims – especially the young – may fall prey to radicalisation as we know how sick is Islamic Terrorism and its aftermath.

And you just can’t kill a person because he belongs to a different religion and eats a different meat than you, shows what kind of an asshole you are. Nobody has the right to determine what one should eat and set the guidelines for the society for the things to be eaten and to be considered sacred.

Free Speech

Freedom of speech is the right to emphasize one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously but encompasses any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

Freedom of Speech in India

The Constitution of India delivers the right to freedom, provided in articles 19, 20, 21 and 22, with the sight of assuring individual rights that were considered essential by the fabricators of the constitution. The right to freedom in Article 19 guarantees the Freedom of speech and expression, as one of its six freedoms.



In the last year and a half, since the BJP came to power in the Centre, we have been witnessing major cases of abuse of power to persecute dissenting voices and also the subtle encouragement of violent, terrorist groups like the Bajrang Dal to spread their hate.


  • All the efforts of destroying Greenpeace, despite court orders to the contrary simply to protect Essar’s horrible project to destroy forests.
  • The murders of rationalists like Kalburgi by BJP-supported groups
  • The several cases of people being arrested for saying stuff about Modi/Shiv Sena on social media.
  • The banning of various books and movies.

And these are just off the top of my head.

Last but not the Least – The stupidity of BJP leaders and its allies

  • “Such crimes hardly take place in Bharat, but they occur frequently in India. Go to villages, no gang rapes or sex crimes there, they are prevalent in urban areas,” said RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, in January 2013. He blamed western values as the reason for gang rapes. Bhagwat Ji, please don’t use social media, gas, diesel, petrol, mobile phones, aeroplanes, TV, Radio and all the things you use in day to day life are Western. Shove your stupidity up your arse and you will be very surprised to know that they have a rape crime rate very less than us.
  • “One small incident of rape in Delhi advertised world over is enough to cost us billions of dollars in terms of global tourism,” said Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of India, in August 2014.First of all, this dude didn’t even win the election and is a Cabinet Minister now. Either he has some compromising photos of Mr Modi or he is a really talented person, the latter doesn’t seem to be true as he was the one who came up with this Demonetization and GST fuckup.
  • “Rape is a social crime which depends on the man and the woman. It is sometimes right and sometimes wrong,” said BJP leader Mr Babulal Gaur said on 5 June 2014. I hope you will have the same views Mr Gaur if something this terrible happens to one of your close ones.
  • “Night out for girls not part of Indian Culture, it may be all right elsewhere but it is not part of Indian culture,” the culture Minister Mahesh Sharma told a television channel.
    Yes, our culture is to pay dowry for girls and make them sit at home doing dishes for their in-laws.
  • In January, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj declared that every Hindu woman should have four children to keep the group’s numbers dominant. This sparked a bidding war of sorts. Shyamal Goswami, a BJP leader from Bengal raised this number to five while the Shankaracharya of Badrikashram, Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati, urged Hindu women to have ten children each.
    Bhai, insaan hai, kutte nahi hai hum, Biwi hai, fax machine nahi hai.
  • Speaking in his constituency, Varanasi, for the first time after taking office as Prime Minister, Modi made an odd appeal, seeming to support dowry: “When a daughter is born, plant a tree. Twenty years later, you can sell five trees for her wedding”. Bhai, NASA me toh nahi the aap or Albert Einstein had a reincarnation? Bro, please keep this kind of views to yourself.

Sometimes, I think the average IQ of this country is seriously low because we elected these stupids to power, maybe we kind of deserve them.

A lot of people call me Congressiya or a AAPtard. Ok let me clarify: I don’t like Congress either.

Why do I have to make a choice between BJP and Congress? I don’t like Tushaar Kapoor nor Fardeen Khan. I hope you did get the analogy. And on being a AAPtard, bhai itna chutiya toh me bi nahi hu.

As a young boy growing up in the largest democracy of the world, yes I have a lot of expectations from this government and it is their failure that they can’t live up to it. Then why the hell do you promise us things in your election manifesto? Why do you beg for votes every five years if bakchodi is all you can do?

When I look at Scandinavian countries, their government is doing tremendous things for them and they are reaching new heights being a weaker economy than us, then why can’t we do the same since we are the fifth largest economy in the world.

I simply can’t tolerate this BJP’s stupid excuse of blaming Congress every time. Theek hai maan liya, Congress chutiya thi, bhai tabhi toh tumhe jitaya logo ne, ab tum toh kuch karo. I don’t want to listen what happened since the last 60 years, I don’t care, We can’t change it, what we change is the present and future of our country but you are more interested in playing your vote-bank and religion and caste-based politics. You seem to be eviler than the Congress at times. And I can’t understand this gaga of people blind trusting BJP. You are supposed to blindly trust your family and friends. A political party and a politician is not worth that.

And to conclude, a quote from one of my favourite movies V For Vendetta:
“The people shouldn’t be afraid of the government.The government should be afraid of the people.”

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