Indo-German convention of Lindau Alumni 2019

A unique international forum for multidisciplinary scientific exchange: IGCLA (Manipal)

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, an annual gathering of Nebel laureates in Germany, foster the exchange among scientists of different generations, cultures, and disciplines. Since 1951, the Lindau Meetings have evolved into a unique international forum for inspiring the next generation of leading scientists. India under the genesis of Department of Science and Technology sends 25-30 of its best students, Ph.D. scholars, Post-docs to represent the Indian science community every year.

Motivated to have such gathering in India too, a Lindau Alumnus from Manipal University KMC Dr. Partha Dabke conceptualized Indo-German Convention of Lindau Alumni (IGCLA) in 2015. With consistent efforts of KMC students and the support of Manipal University, the IGCLA has established itself as the largest convention of its kind in India that brings together the alumni community of the Lindau Meetings in order to inspire undergraduates to learn and discover new areas of interest. Last year Dr. Harshvardhan, Union Minister of Science and Technology and HE Margit Hellwig-Bötte Consul General of Germany(Bangalore) attended the summit too.

IGCLA aims to provide students (UG/PG) as well as research scholars with a platform to express their views and opinions on a variety of topics and establish a network of communication between the old and the new league of researchers, not limited by their disciplinary field. IGCLA is unique in being an interdisciplinary conference that covers several fields of scientific study and seeks active participation from the different disciplines of science such as medical, paramedical, technical and pure sciences. It runs on the following objectives: Firstly, to establish and maintain a network of the alumni of the Lindau Meetings and provide a platform for them to share their research and experiences which is an opportunity for multi and interdisciplinary collaborations. Secondly, it aims to introduce students from diverse disciplines to research from the undergraduate level by providing a platform for them to interact with the Lindau Alumni and possibly develop their interest in pursuing a career in science.

Dr. Dabke, the founder, says, “IGCLA opens the doors to discovery and progress in science. The pace at which our dynamic world is moving is a reflection of constant changes that are being made through innovations. In this never-ending quest we the organizing team of IGCLA believe what’s better than hearing from our innovators themselves?”

What makes IGCLA unique, as per its Organizing team President Pragya Bhatt, is not just its diverse speakers or interdisciplinary nature but the variety of its event which includes workshops, quiz, presentation, debates and panel discussion on contemporary topics. The list of workshops for the 2019 edition includes science communication, angioplasty simulation, working with the humanitarian organization, neurology, and surgical courses to list a few. Not many conferences across the world will have a debate competition like IGCLA 2019 has in which the debaters are also questioned back by audiences and judges.

Set up with the Lindau motto of Educate, Inspire and Connect, the IGCLA is one of the few conferences in the country that you should definitely be part of. Register if you have not at:


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