Why should everyone learn coding? (And where to do it!)

With the rise of technology, each passing day is witnessing a significant change in the tech industry.
Things which were not achievable in the past, are meticulously being done today.
Impact of technology on society is enormous and is rapidly growing with time.

If we try to look under the hood, what is it that backs our technology so well and is making it grow so fast. It is software and computers in general. The irony of the fact is that computer which performs highly complex business operation works on two simple symbols: 0 and 1. The base of every digital thing lies in binary. However, there are simple English like programming languages to make coding simpler than ever before. There are two categories of people who are involved in this ongoing tech revolution, the users  – who use and run these technologies and the coders – who code in languages like Python, Java, JavaScript and make these technologies run. Coding has entered into every domain, from manufacturing to finance, from banking to logistics. Coding is everywhere. More and more people are getting involved with coding with time thus giving this industry an incredible growth.

Coding – A Science or An Art

Wikipedia defines coder as a person who creates computer software. Hmm, that sounds interesting! At least to me, it does. Coding is a simple science which uses your logical ability to create some software. You just need to follow rules of a programming and write your code accordingly. Although it is simple and easy to understand, yet it evolves the intelligence of a person.

A study conducted by MIT mathematician shows that coding can help in improving the strength of brain muscles as it makes you think harder and trying until you get it right. Research has also proven that the way a person thinks can be influenced by making him learn programming languages.

Apart from your mental health, coding can also ensure a sound financial status for you. According to indeed.com, coding specialist in the US earns an average salary of $ 22.13 per hour. That could be another reason for people to code. Due to booming nature of tech, enormous job opportunities are created in this sector. According to another research, about 70% of tech graduates switch to the computer from their respective non-CS backgrounds. Current industry scenario is that most of the organisations look for a basic knowledge of coding in languages like python and java even for entry-level jobs.

This change in trend came due to the invention of simpler programming languages like never before. For example, displaying text on the screen by programming is as simple as typing “print hello” in python.

Coding also gives you immense ability to optimise your tasks. It gives you a chance to make your life simple. This ability has also given birth to so many online businesses which are not hidden from anyone. We all know how once startups, and now tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook have changed the world around us. These organisations mainly influence the way we interact with our surroundings and environment.

However, let me give you a real-life and straightforward example, suppose you are a student, and you are looking out for admission forms for university courses. One way is you wake up every day, visit the website and check if forms are available. Cool way out is through programming. You write code that checks the site for you and sends you a mail when the task is done. This could make your life productive. There can be even smarter programs which can make your life even more comfortable.

Coding also teaches you another essential life skill, persistence. When you approach programming problem, you think logically and approach the problem. You may fail many times, but you keep trying and this makes you patient. It ultimately changes your perspective towards life.

Putting it all together

Steve Jobs once said that everyone should learn how to code because it teaches you the way to live. Now, I am sure you must have got that curiosity to get your hands dirty in coding. We have got some excellent resources for you.

  1. Code.org
    This is an initiative to increase the outreach of computer science across the globe. No prior experience needed, just signup and you are good to go.
  2. Udemy
    This website provides incredible tools and tutorials to learn any language of your choice. You can get excellent resources in less than $ 10.
  3. Codeacademy
    Another website that teaches how to code in different programming languages.
  4. MIT Open Courseware
    These are kind of broad computer science course one should take if he is looking for a career in computer science.

Learning coding can be the best decision of your life (my personal experience says this!).
It gives you great powers to do complex tasks more smoothly and efficiently.
Happy Coding 😊

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