Ever loved someone so much that when it’s their time to leave, you can see them go but all you can do is close your fist? Wish the stars to make them find their way back to you? Ever been unable to get out of a relationship and to anyhow find a string that could pull you two together? Or simpler… Ever given your heart to a person in pieces with glue and sticking-tape? Received in pieces again? Ever felt that the footprints that you came with, disappeared?

Why can’t we let go?

Why can’t we let go? Because we care and love them enough. Or, maybe because love itself means a lot to us. Because we fear to be left alone? We are so afraid that we cling on to every inch of that person or the memory. We again want to show all our love just when the boat is about to sail and leave the shore. They take a piece of us in them. We feel half, sometimes EMPTY. We feel it’s hard to let go and move.

But there… you have to let go. Stop finding those footsteps. Sit on the stand. There are pieces of you that are messed up and lying around you. Collect them, they are yours to mend. Look back. Look at the journey you covered so far. Take out the sea-shells you collected as the memories. Be grateful for them. Now look back again to the things you didn’t see while collecting those sea-shells. Look at your own footsteps, maybe. Lie down now. Look at the stars. Infinite, no? These are the number of opportunities waiting for you ahead.

Close your eyes now. Get all the courage you need. Get it in your bones and blood. Now bleed… Bleed and let their blood leave your body.
They taught you how to love. You can love now. Try loving yourself this time. Fall for the emptiness inside you.

Get up, and this time, walk alone, no sea-shells, walk on the stars you saw before. This time, follow the worthy footsteps. Never be afraid to fall in love again. But also, never let anybody have the driver’s seat of your life. Meet new footprints, maybe the ones following your footprints. Never be afraid to face what life throws at you because now you know to self-heal-n-love.
It is important to move on. It hurts with the fist closed. I used to hold on too. I never wanted to open my fist. But, one-sided care is a myth. It gives pain.

Never sacrifice and beg to be loved.