Logical Sequence of Learning: Making science curriculum an adventure of curiosity – Part 2 (Assesment games)

Assessment Games!

How to test the strength of knowledge at a given specific topic? Assessment Games! Each knowledge port has plenty of space to cater to learning games that can be re-played again to maintain strength.

For example, progress in learning at Station-2 Mystery of Chemistry can be periodically tested by playing an atomic card memory game.

Login into: https://matchthememory.com/periodicpairsmemory  to give it a try and check how good you are in pairing chemically similar elements of the 2nd and 3rd rows of the periodic table!

From this game we can get data about the players ‘total time taken (s)’ and ‘total number of flips taken’.

Every player gets to play as many times as they want to. After the game is over they can roll their mouse over the cards and see matched pairs and see how valency decides the chemistry of periodic pairs of elements. Data collection for evaluating the results has been tested, starting with 17 students of Samta Hindi Vidyalaya, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai.

The improvement seen in the performance is evident with an overall reduction in both the number of flips and time taken over repeated chances as learners take play more and more.

Passing Conditions:

  • In terms of Periodic pairs memory, they also have to more than 5 times get total time taken <60 s and total flips <40.  
  • The learners will pass the course only if they fill up the electrons table as given below consistently without seeing! 

This method of testing can be used to supplement the formal exam system, and also implement an evaluation or assessment system that is

  • self-paced
  • collaborative
  • mastery oriented
  • gamified
  • freely available

Need more ideas to make collaborative games? Take a peek into Play for Peace website for more on how to integrate non-violence and play during learning.

Making New Connections

After Station-5 Wonderlight, we suggest take a revision back to Station-1 Gravitation Station by connecting with Stall-18 Observing Telescopes. In the revision run, a new connection can be made between Station-3 Into the Chemical World and Station-6 Microcosmos by taking the route of connecting carbon compounds in life and finishing the challenge of learning Chemical Evolution.

Look out for the new connection between Station 3 and 6 to help establish the Synergy Triad of Physics Chemistry and Biology!

This new route highlighted above describes the bottom-up approach of the journey from small molecules to macro-molecular life. It teams along with the previous experimental connection between physics of light for observing life to help establish SYNERGY and INTERCONNECTEDNESS between the physics, chemistry, and biologyIn our opinion, biology should be introduced strongly only after establishing this synergy triad. The dividends of the new connections will become evident when learners will find the jungle of evolution and species classification in Station -8 Utkranti Express much easier and as a logical extension of chemical evolution and classification of elements and compounds as previously studied in chemistry.


In the end, a lot of emphasis is to be given on community work and development. The journey of science is not for zombies who sleepwalk through the world when it is becoming even more polluted and hard to live. Let’s take courage and inspiration from climate change activist Greta Thunberg and global #FridayforFuture movement and wish to empower it with #SundayforScience. It is hoped that science adventures connect us to our core being and all living world, gives courage, extend our knowledge to take high impact actions and therein challenge environmental degradation, bust some arcane myths and modern superstitions, promote nature-human and inter-human co-operation, peace and well being!

Interested in making new connections and taking new challenges? Please share in comments! Adios!

Nikhilesh Iyer

Nikhilesh Iyer, (Founder of asanvigyan.in; works in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai)


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