Mentoring yourself for a better 2018

 A new beginning. A new you.

So it’s that time of the year again. Come on; it’s not that difficult to guess which part of the year I am talking about. The end of course. There is something about the ending. Almost all of us get excited about how something’s gonna end. Technically, we shouldn’t but again, who can argue with the human race?

Anyway, so approaching towards the end, we should think about a new beginning. A new year. It’s time to change yourself. I know almost all of us say that every year and then at the end of the year– damn. The year went by fast.

So the first pledge you should take while you’re marching into 2018 should be – “I will try my best to better myself and abide by all the new resolutions, big or small.”

Here are 7 ways in which you can better yourself for a joyful 2018:

1. Let go of negative people in your life

The mantra of life should be, life to NEVER let some other person put you in stressful situations. You are very precious, and you deserve attention, affection, and love. The people you surround yourself with will influence you significantly. You are mostly like the people you are surrounded with. So, if you surround yourself with negative and judgmental people, you might end up feeling unhappy and dreadful – and it will reduce your capabilities. Surround yourself with positive – astounding people who believe in you and can cheer you up. If you have successful, creative and happy people around you, chances are you will be inspired, feel free and full of spirit.
Honestly, it’s okay to say NO and ban people from your life who aren´t adding to it positively.

2.   Take care of your deep pockets

 Some questions I ask myself every time I consider spending money are:
“Is this nice to have or need to have?”
“How can I use my creativity to manage without it?”
“Will my business struggle if I don’t get it?”
“If I buy this will it help me make more money?”

These are very helpful questions. If I think it’s pretty nice, I will let it go and put it on my wish list.
If you’re thinking; “But I don´t earn enough money to be able to save money,” I get you – ‘ve been there. And that’s why I love “The chai Factor” – This is the idea of eliminating your rupees 20 daily tea or coffee, and instead put those 20 rupees towards your savings.

A 20 rupee daily coffee or tea amounts to about 140 rupees a week, rupees 600 a month and rupees 7200 a year. That’s pretty enough for a student to go a trip once a year or save up to buy something. If you kept doing that for 10 years, you’d end up with rupees 72000, from just leaving out your daily tea or coffee.

I think that’s so amazing and it proves that a little saving goes a long way if you stick to it and stay consistent.

3. Read a book

Seriously, I wince when I hear people brag about not reading any book. There are so many things you can read about, and there’s so much to know that could enhance your life. This year I’ve read tons of self-help books and novels. It genuinely helps in building up vocabulary and improves English. Even if you think you are a pro at English and vocab, try reading a book for a change. You will feel good. Trust me.

4. Develop one new habit, at least

If you’re in a situation and want to break out of it, think of the habits you would need to break through. Choose one or two of those habits and work on them daily until you have become a master of them.

For instance, if you’re always complaining about not having enough time to exercise every day, perhaps you want to make a habit of waking up before everyone else for that. It may be hard at first, but it’s definitely a way to be a better person in 2018.

5. Say no to a thing… if you feel like it

A few days back one of my very good friends asked me this very known yet a difficult question: “how do we say no?” I don’t know when or who tasked us to say yes all the time and it’s gotta stop! For real. There’s no reason we should be out here in this world doing a bunch of useless stuff that we don’t feel like doing.

But, all the other stuff like doing assignments for people just because they are busy watching a movie or hanging out with negative people just because they asked you to Or cheating people out of something at work because our job demands us to do it for the money.

Don’t be afraid to say no. It’s quite liberating.

6. Procrastinate less

You need to get rid of all of the stress that goes along with procrastination. Set goals and stick to them. Better yourself, step by step. The world is filled with so many possibilities. Go out and do something you’ve never done before; be adventurous and try to achieve your goals before the deadline.

7. Eat a little healthier

Make some healthier decisions. It’ll definitely make a difference. It’s very easy to do if you put an effort. Sneak in some veggies into your favourite dishes or include a glass of juice with one of your meals.  Try to eat dry fruits and other fruits once in two days and keep a check on your calorie intake. By doing so little, you can do so much more. Kudos to a healthier 2018!

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