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The new year started with a fresh round of controversy, this time the centre stage was annual Indian Science Congress (ISC) meet. The comments made by the so-called knowledgeable speakers regarding ancient India’s technological advancement were mind-boggling. It ranged from Kauravas were test-tube babies, Lord Brahma discovered dinosaurs before Americans and Britishers, Ravana had 24 aircraft and as outlandish as Einstein was wrong. After such comments even, the organisers had to take a stand and issued an official statement condemning whatever was said and stated it was all pseudo-science.

The problem was that such bold claims were not at all backed up scientific evidence. Such things eventually lead to people who are not expert in science believing in such claims as the platform on which it was said is respectable. Impact of which could be people propagating and the following pseudo-science and in turn affecting the scientific temper of people. Our country is already lagging behind when it comes to scientific temper because of the tight grip of a various number of superstitions in our society. Even the educated ones believe such superstitions. Misinformation has been also spread on large scale especially related to religious sentiments such as cows inhale and exhale oxygen. It’s a proven fact that neither breathing or respiration uses hundred percent of oxygen which animals take in and there is always some amount of oxygen present in exhaled air.

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So, called ‘Godmen’ also hamper the free-thinking of people and manipulate them for their own personal gains. They plan elaborate skits to trick people into their deceitful web. Citizens from less educated background fall victim to such conmen easily and even the well-educated ones. ‘Godmen’ like Asharam Bapu, Ram Rahim, Nirmal Baba used modern day tools such as social media and television to spread their superstitious messages on which a person with a proper scientific temper will laugh upon.

Science is not funded well in India. Teaching system is also in shamble which changes with each coming government. When people in prominent made absurd comments about scientific issues it questions whether they are fit enough for such posts. One example being our Prime Minister while speaking about global warming said that people’s tolerance has gone down that is the reason why they feel hotter no a day. Spreading scientific misinformation for political gains is quite rampant in our country these days.

We need to put more money in scientific research and rework our education system in order to fight this growing intolerance towards in the country.

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Loves to read books and play video games. Also a science enthusiast with interest in astrophysics and astronomy.

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